Munition Mastery: Rheinmetall Secures Puma's Arsenal

PUMAImage Source: Rheinmetall


Rheinmetall clinches a substantial contract with the Bundeswehr, worth over $350 million, to supply 30mm ammunition for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. The order, encompassing hundreds of thousands of DM21 cartridges, aligns with the Bundeswehr's strategic ammunition procurement plan. Rheinmetall's proven expertise in combat ammunition, including airburst and armor-piercing types, positions the Puma as a formidable force capable of engaging diverse targets on land, in the air, and at sea.


*Strategic Ammunition Accord:*

In a strategic move bolstering Germany's military capabilities, Rheinmetall secures a noteworthy contract with the Bundeswehr. Valued at over $350 million, the agreement focuses on the production and supply of 30mm ammunition for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. The Bundeswehr's decision to call up several hundred thousand DM21 cartridges underlines the critical role Rheinmetall plays in fortifying the nation's defense arsenal.

*Framework Agreement Dynamics:*

Under a framework agreement, the Bundeswehr's call for the 30mm x 173 DM21 cartridges falls within the broader scope of a procurement initiative approved by the German Bundestag's Budget Committee on November 30, 2022. The comprehensive framework contract, awarded in December 2022, encompasses ammunition valued at up to €576 million, hinting at foreseeable follow-up orders. The seamless execution of this agreement is pivotal for Rheinmetall, showcasing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge ammunition.

*Proven Ammunition Technology:*

The Puma infantry fighting vehicle, equipped with Rheinmetall's MK30-2/ABM autocannon, stands as a testament to advanced ammunition technology. The MK30-2/ABM, characterized by high cadence and state-of-the-art features, serves as a highly reliable weapon system effective against a spectrum of targets—be it land, air, or sea. Rheinmetall's contribution to the Puma includes the production of key combat ammunition types: the KETF DM21 (airburst ammunition), KE DM33 (arrow ammunition), and DM58 training ammunition.

*Versatility and Precision:*

The KETF DM21 airburst ammunition, leveraging Kinetic Energy Time Fuse technology, enhances the Puma's capability to engage larger, soft, and semi-hard area targets. On the other hand, the KE DM33 arrow ammunition, belonging to the new generation of armor-piercing sub-caliber ammunition, ensures penetration of modern armor even at challenging angles and extended combat distances. With this ammunition duo, the Puma infantry fighting vehicle demonstrates its prowess in engaging a wide range of targets.


As Rheinmetall secures this major order, it not only reinforces its position as a leading supplier to the Bundeswehr but also underscores the critical role it plays in shaping the capabilities of the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. The successful execution of this contract sets the stage for a robust defense strategy, showcasing Rheinmetall's dedication to providing reliable, effective, and precision-engineered ammunition.

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