Optical Odyssey: Raytheon's Visionary Upgrade

CIVImage Source: Raytheon


Raytheon, an RTX business, secures a staggering $154 million contract to supply Commander's Independent Viewer systems, leveraging cutting-edge electro-optical and infrared technology, for the enhancement of the U.S. Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles. This transformative upgrade promises a 360-degree battlefield oversight and unparalleled targeting capabilities, empowering commanders to detect, identify, and neutralize threats in all conditions. The announcement marks a significant stride in Raytheon's legacy of advancing FLIR technology, with McKinney, Texas serving as the production hub and the first delivery anticipated in June 2026.


In a groundbreaking move, Raytheon, a stalwart in defense solutions under the RTX umbrella, emerges victorious with a $154 million award to furnish the U.S. Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles with cutting-edge Commander's Independent Viewer (CIV) systems. This visionary endeavor encompasses the integration of second-generation forward-looking infrared (FLIR) cameras and sensors, ushering in a new era of battlefield oversight and targeting precision.

Bryan Rosselli, president of Advanced Products and Solutions at Raytheon, elucidates the significance of CIV as a multifaceted system designed to elevate the survivability and battlefield performance of the Bradley Fighting Vehicle. The amalgamation of early threat detection, a panoramic 360-degree battlefield view, and all-weather performance signifies a quantum leap in the vehicle commander's ability to navigate and engage targets, irrespective of environmental conditions.

The heart of CIV lies in Raytheon's legacy of FLIR technology. With a track record of delivering over 25,000 second-generation FLIR sensors in the past two decades, Raytheon incorporates decades of experience into the third generation FLIR sensor. This technology, proven over half a century, stands as a testament to Raytheon's commitment to advancing military capabilities and ensuring the effectiveness of defense systems.

McKinney, Texas, emerges as the epicenter of production for these revolutionary units, with the initial delivery slated for June 2026. The production hub symbolizes a fusion of cutting-edge technology and American manufacturing prowess, underlining Raytheon's dedication to bolstering national security.


Raytheon's triumphant $154 million contract to equip the U.S. Army's Bradley Fighting Vehicles with the Commander's Independent Viewer (CIV) systems represents not just a technological leap but a commitment to enhancing the nation's defense capabilities. The integration of FLIR technology, honed over decades, underscores Raytheon's reliability and expertise in crafting solutions that redefine military standards. As the production gears up in McKinney, Texas, the first delivery in June 2026 heralds a new chapter in battlefield oversight, where precision and versatility converge to safeguard national security.

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