Rheinmetall Secure Triple-Digit Million Euro Deal for Puma's Might

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The German Bundeswehr, in collaboration with Rheinmetall, has initiated a substantial procurement of medium-caliber ammunition for the Puma infantry fighting vehicle. Valued at over €350 million, the order includes several hundred thousand rounds of 30mm DM21 service ammunition. The delivery, spanning from 2024 to 2027, is a testament to the cutting-edge capabilities of Rheinmetall's ammunition technology. This strategic move reinforces the Bundeswehr's commitment to equipping the Puma with reliable, lethal, and precise firepower.


In a strategic alliance between the German Bundeswehr and Rheinmetall, a significant milestone has been achieved with the procurement of medium-caliber ammunition for the formidable Puma infantry fighting vehicle. The Bundeswehr has issued a call-off from an existing framework agreement, solidifying Rheinmetall's role as a crucial supplier for this advanced military asset.

The order, valued at over €350 million, encompasses several hundred thousand rounds of 30mm x 173 DM21 service ammunition. This ammunition is not merely a conventional arsenal; it represents cutting-edge technology designed to enhance the Puma's firepower and effectiveness on the battlefield. The order, inclusive of value-added tax, is a testament to the Bundeswehr's commitment to investing in state-of-the-art military capabilities.

The German Parliament's budget committee approved the large-scale procurement of 30mm medium-caliber ammunition on November 30, 2022. This paved the way for the framework contract awarded to Rheinmetall in December 2022, amounting to up to €576 million. Anticipating the significance of this contract, follow-up call-offs are expected, reinforcing the long-term partnership between Rheinmetall and the Bundeswehr.

Delivery of the DM21 service ammunition is scheduled to commence in 2024, extending through 2027. The phased delivery approach ensures that perfect functionality is demonstrated, meeting the highest standards of reliability, lethality, and precision. The Puma infantry fighting vehicle, armed with the Rheinmetall MK30-2/ABM, is specifically designed for airburst ammunition, providing an unparalleled capability to engage ground, air, and maritime targets.

Rheinmetall's contribution to the Bundeswehr's Puma includes two main types of 30mm x 173 service ammunition: the KETF DM21 (airburst) and the KE DM33 (armor-piercing), along with the DM58 practice round. Developed and qualified to the latest standards, these ammunition types offer unrivaled performance globally. The KETF DM21's reliable programming enables the Puma to engage larger soft and semi-hard targets, while the KE DM33 boasts penetrating power, punching through modern armor at various angles and ranges.

The success of this collaboration positions Rheinmetall as a key player in enhancing the Bundeswehr's military capabilities, ensuring the Puma infantry fighting vehicle remains at the forefront of technological advancements in ammunition and firepower.


Rheinmetall's triumph in securing a triple-digit million-euro deal for Puma's medium-caliber ammunition marks a significant stride in bolstering the German Bundeswehr's firepower. With an order value exceeding €350 million, Rheinmetall's cutting-edge technology, represented by the 30mm DM21 service ammunition, will play a crucial role in enhancing the Puma infantry fighting vehicle's capabilities. The phased delivery, spanning from 2024 to 2027, reflects the commitment to perfect functionality and adherence to the highest standards of reliability, lethality, and precision. This strategic collaboration reinforces the Bundeswehr's dedication to equipping its forces with state-of-the-art military assets, ensuring readiness for contemporary and future challenges.

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