Rotor Renaissance: French Ministry's H145 Helicopter Harmony



The French Ministry of Interior takes a quantum leap in aerial capabilities, securing 42 cutting-edge H145 helicopters from Airbus. This monumental deal, orchestrated by the French Armament General Directorate, underscores a strategic modernization of emergency response and law enforcement fleets. With 36 H145s earmarked for Sécurité Civile and six for Gendarmerie Nationale, the acquisition heralds a new era of aviation prowess, blending innovation, efficiency, and mission-critical versatility.


In a resounding declaration of commitment to advanced aerial capabilities, the French Ministry of Interior has charted a visionary course by acquiring 42 state-of-the-art H145 helicopters from Airbus. This transformative procurement, facilitated by the French Armament General Directorate, signifies a pivotal moment in the evolution of emergency response and law enforcement aviation.

*Helicopter Harmony:*

The heart of this landmark acquisition comprises 36 H145 helicopters dedicated to enhancing the capabilities of the French rescue and emergency response agency, Sécurité Civile. Additionally, the French law enforcement agency, Gendarmerie Nationale, is set to receive six H145s, marking the initiation of a fleet renewal strategy. This comprehensive deal also includes an option for an additional 22 H145s for Gendarmerie Nationale, amplifying the potential for future operational excellence.

*Airbus CEO Bruno Even's Pride:*

Bruno Even, CEO of Airbus Helicopters, expresses pride in the enduring relationship with Gendarmerie Nationale and Sécurité Civile. He emphasizes the H145's proven track record, citing numerous successful rescue missions in the challenging mountainous terrain of the French Alps. The H145's versatility is underscored, especially in the realm of law enforcement, making it an ideal choice for Gendarmerie Nationale's critical missions.

*Sécurité Civile's Transition to H145:*

Sécurité Civile, with its current fleet of four five-bladed H145s ordered in 2020 and 2021, is poised for a substantial upgrade. The 36 H145s from this procurement will gradually replace the existing 33 EC145s, elevating the efficiency and reach of rescue and air medical transport services across France. The transition marks a strategic move towards embracing the innovative capabilities of the new H145 helicopters.

*Gendarmerie Nationale's Technological Edge:*

The six H145s allocated to Gendarmerie Nationale mark the initiation of a fleet renewal strategy. These helicopters will be equipped with cutting-edge features, including an electro-optical system and a mission computer tailored for demanding law enforcement operations. The H145's state-of-the-art mission systems position it as a key asset for Gendarmerie Nationale in maintaining public safety.

*H145's Technological Advancements:*

Certified by the European Union Aviation Safety Agency in June 2020, the H145 boasts an innovative five-bladed rotor that enhances its multi-mission capabilities. With a focus on increased useful load, comfort, simplicity, and connectivity, the H145 is powered by two Safran Arriel 2E engines. Equipped with full authority digital engine control (FADEC) and the Helionix digital avionics suite, the H145 ensures heightened safety and reduced pilot workload. Its minimal acoustic footprint further establishes the H145 as the quietest helicopter in its class.

*Global Impact and Airbus Legacy:*

Today, Airbus stands at the forefront of global aviation impact, with over 1,675 H145 family helicopters in service worldwide, accumulating more than 7.6 million flight hours. The H145's enduring legacy, coupled with this strategic procurement, not only strengthens France's aviation capabilities but also underscores Airbus's commitment to pioneering advancements in helicopter technology.


As the French Ministry of Interior embarks on this transformative journey with Airbus, the acquisition of 42 H145 helicopters heralds a new era in aerial capabilities. Beyond the numbers lies a testament to innovation, efficiency, and a commitment to safeguarding communities. The H145's integration into Sécurité Civile and Gendarmerie Nationale fleets marks a strategic move towards a technologically advanced and mission-critical future for French emergency response and law enforcement.

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