Rotor Resonance: Airbus & Heligo's H145 Accord



In a groundbreaking move, Airbus has inked an HCare Initial contract with Heligo Charter Private Limited for their fleet of six Airbus H145 helicopters deployed in India. This comprehensive five-year agreement empowers Heligo with Airbus' HCare Initial program, ensuring rapid component replacements within 24 hours and a fixed hourly rate for helicopter usage. This strategic collaboration not only optimizes maintenance costs for Heligo but also elevates fleet availability, making it the largest H145 fleet in India for both offshore and onshore missions.


Airbus, a pioneer in aviation, and Heligo Charter Private Limited have embarked on a transformative journey, signing an HCare Initial contract for a fleet of six Airbus H145 helicopters deployed in India. This landmark agreement spans five years and introduces a paradigm shift in helicopter maintenance dynamics, aligning with Airbus' commitment to exceptional customer service.

*The Essence of HCare Initial:*

At the core of this collaboration lies the HCare Initial program, a revolutionary by-the-hour services contract that provides Heligo the flexibility to replace scheduled and unscheduled components swiftly. The fixed hourly rate for helicopter usage ensures cost predictability, allowing Heligo to streamline operations and bolster fleet availability. This strategic move aligns with Airbus' dedication to supporting its customers with unparalleled services.

*Chairman Nayan Jagjivan's Vision:*

Nayan Jagjivan, Chairman of Heligo Charters Private Limited, expresses pride in being the first operator to introduce Airbus Helicopters' 5-bladed H145 to ONGC for offshore operations in India. With these helicopters set to be delivered this year, Heligo is poised to boast the largest H145 fleet in India, catering to both offshore and onshore missions. Jagjivan underscores the H145's modern design, multi-role capabilities, exceptional performance, and operational efficiency, perfectly suited for Indian conditions.

*Airbus' Long-standing Association:*

Sunny Guglani, Head of Airbus Helicopters, Airbus India and South Asia, congratulates the Heligo team on securing the recent offshore contract with the H145s. The HCare Initial by-the-hour contract signifies a commitment to efficient operations and maximum helicopter availability. Guglani emphasizes Airbus' dedication to providing optimal support and services to customers, marking this contract as Airbus Helicopters' largest By-the-Hour contract with an Indian operator.

*The H145's Technological Edge:*

The H145, Airbus' latest addition to its twin-engine rotorcraft product range, stands out for its mission capability and flexibility, particularly in high and hot operating conditions. Compact yet powerful, this helicopter's design allows for maneuvering in complex environments, including oil and gas helidecks. The H145's small footprint and spacious, adaptable cabin make it a versatile choice for diverse operational needs.

*HCare's Holistic Support:*

HCare, Airbus Helicopters' comprehensive services offer, encompasses Material Management, Helicopter Maintenance, Repair and Overhaul (MRO) and upgrades, Technical Support, Training & Flight Operations, and Connected Services. With this contract, Heligo's entire Airbus helicopter fleet gains access to the HCare Initial By-the-Hour program, ensuring holistic and superior customer service support.

*Strategic Impact on Heligo's Fleet:*

This agreement solidifies Heligo's position with the largest H145 fleet in India, poised to revolutionize offshore and onshore missions. The integration of HCare Initial enhances operational efficiency, minimizes maintenance costs, and contributes to a seamless aviation experience. The strategic impact extends beyond the individual helicopters, shaping Heligo's entire Airbus fleet for enhanced performance and reliability.


As Airbus and Heligo seal this momentous accord, the aviation landscape in India witnesses a transformative chapter. The HCare Initial contract not only cements their partnership but also positions Heligo at the forefront with the largest H145 fleet in the country. This collaboration exemplifies Airbus' commitment to innovation and customer satisfaction, setting a precedent for excellence in helicopter services.

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