Synergizing Sentry: Elistair & Rheinmetall's Unmanned Unity

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Elistair and Rheinmetall Canada showcase a groundbreaking collaboration, pairing the Khronos drone and Mission Master SP robot for intelligent reconnaissance and escort operations. The successful demonstration highlights the potential of autonomous systems to enhance military capabilities. Khronos, with its 24-hour flight capability, complements Mission Master's versatility, providing a dynamic solution for complex theaters of operation. The companies aim to offer this integrated drone and ground vehicle system to military customers, leveraging their expertise in North America and Europe.


In a pioneering showcase of unmanned collaboration, defense companies Elistair and Rheinmetall Canada have unveiled the seamless integration of their Khronos drone and Mission Master SP robot. The demonstration, held at a test track in Quebec, showcased the synchronized capabilities of these autonomous systems in performing critical reconnaissance and escort tasks.

Amid a growing global interest in remotely guided and autonomous systems, the Khronos drone and Mission Master SP robot emerge as a formidable duo. Elistair's Khronos, known for its intelligence-gathering prowess, can deploy from a compact box and remain airborne for an impressive 24 hours while tethered to a moving object. Rheinmetall's Mission Master SP, an eight-wheeled unmanned ground vehicle (UGV), excels in troop support and transporting essential items like sensors and weapons.

The successful demonstration drew the attention of European military officials witnessing the innovative collaboration. The Mission Master family of UGVs, equipped with various ISR payloads, demonstrates its adaptability to current and future complex theaters of operation. Alain Tremblay, Vice President of Business Development and Innovation at Rheinmetall Canada, emphasized Khronos' innovative capacity and expressed anticipation for international interest in this autonomous pairing.

Elistair and Rheinmetall plan to market this integrated drone and ground vehicle system to military customers, capitalizing on their combined experience in both North America and Europe. The collaboration represents a milestone in unmanned technologies, with the potential to reshape military reconnaissance and support operations.

Rheinmetall, ranked 19th globally in defense-related revenue, brings significant defense contracting expertise to the partnership. With earnings of $5 billion in 2022, Rheinmetall's involvement underscores the strategic importance of this collaboration. Elistair, based in Dardily, France, may be smaller in scale but contributes innovative unmanned solutions, emphasizing the excitement of synchronizing technologies with a major defense contractor.

As the world witnesses the successful fusion of Khronos and Mission Master, the collaboration's potential applications in diverse military scenarios highlight the evolution of autonomous capabilities on the modern battlefield.


The collaborative venture between Elistair and Rheinmetall, showcasing the seamless integration of the Khronos drone and Mission Master SP robot, stands as a groundbreaking advancement in unmanned military technologies. The successful demonstration underscores the potential of this autonomous duo in revolutionizing reconnaissance and support operations. With plans to market this integrated system to military customers globally, the collaboration marks a significant stride in reshaping the landscape of unmanned military capabilities, bridging innovation and strategic defense expertise.

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