US Navy Awards RTX $80M for Advanced Electronic Warfare

The U.S. Navy grants RTX an $80 million contract for Advanced Electronic Warfare (ADVEW) prototyping, aimed to modernize Super
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The U.S. Navy grants RTX an $80 million contract for Advanced Electronic Warfare (ADVEW) prototyping, aimed to modernize Super Hornet systems. ADVEW intends to replace legacy setups, enhancing electronic warfare capabilities for the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet, elevating Navy air wing defense.



The United States Navy has chosen Raytheon, an RTX (NYSE: RTX) business, to spearhead an $80 million initiative to prototype Advanced Electronic Warfare (ADVEW) for the F/A-18 E/F Super Hornet. This advanced system aims to supplant the current AN/ALQ-214 integrated defensive electronic countermeasure and AN/ALR-67(V)3 radar warning receiver, integrating them into a singular, superior solution for the Navy's carrier air wing.

Bryan Rosselli, President of Advanced Products & Solutions at Raytheon, highlighted the transformative nature of these advancements. The consolidation into a singular unit signifies a monumental leap in electronic warfare capabilities, ensuring sustained effectiveness throughout the Super Hornet's lifespan.

Raytheon's ADVEW will usher in significant performance enhancements by consolidating existing electronic warfare systems, streamlining components, and adopting government-prescribed open architecture. This revolutionary solution aligns seamlessly with other proven radio frequency sensors and effectors utilized by the Super Hornet, fortifying its survivability against complex threats while maintaining its electronic warfare edge.

The development and testing of ADVEW are slated primarily in Goleta, California. Over a 36-month prototype phase, the system will undergo rigorous reviews and flight testing to validate its operational effectiveness.

Raytheon, part of RTX, stands as a key contributor in offensive and defense solutions, safeguarding national interests for over a century. Their expertise spans integrated air and missile defense, smart weapons, cybersecurity, and cutting-edge technology across various domains.

RTX, the world's largest aerospace and defense company, houses over 180,000 global employees and remains at the forefront of technological innovation, supporting aviation, integrated defense systems, and next-gen solutions to address global challenges.


The U.S. Navy's contract of $80 million to RTX for ADVEW prototyping signifies a pivotal step in advancing electronic warfare capabilities for the Super Hornet. This initiative, aimed at consolidating existing systems, promises enhanced performance, greater adaptability, and increased defense potential, marking a significant leap forward in naval aviation.

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