ADL Enviro500 Double Deckers Arrive in Berlin
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ADL Enviro500 Double Deckers Arrive in Berlin

NFI Group Inc leading independent global bus manufacturer subsidiary Alexander Dennis Limited announced that the first two

NFI Group Inc leading independent global bus manufacturer subsidiary Alexander Dennis Limited announced that the first two Enviro500 buses have been unveiled by Berliner Verkehrsbetriebe, ahead of a new fleet of double deckers for the transport operator of Berlin in Germany. Berlin’s new generation of iconic yellow double deck buses is the first to have been designed in Britain by ADL. The manufacturer has tailored the Alexander Dennis Enviro500 to the requirements of bus services in the German capital while maintaining its proven benefits, including a lightweight aluminium body construction that improves fuel economy without compromising on longevity.

The first two Alexander Dennis double deckers for BVG are part of a framework contract for up to 430 Enviro500, signed in October 2018. In addition to the two buses now delivered, an order will be placed for 198 units following the successful completion of a testing programme with the initial pair of vehicles.

Berlin’s Enviro500 are 13.8 metres long and 4.06 metres tall. With three doors and two staircases, they facilitate rapid boarding and alighting on busy urban services.

Passengers will benefit from USB chargers at each of the 80 fixed seats, while the maximum capacity of 112 passengers allows for additional standees, buggies and two wheelchair users. A live indication of upper deck seat availability is provided at the bottom of the stairs and large screens throughout the vehicle show next stops, connections and other relevant information. Stop request buttons that provide acoustic feedback and tactile handrails at all doors benefit the travel experience of visually impaired customers.

The novel interior lighting changes colour tone according to exterior air temperature, assisting passengers’ subjective thermal comfort in addition to full air-conditioning and auxiliary heating.

To support the testing programme and the future serial production vehicles, ADL has recruited local teams and invested in an office, service workshop and parts warehouse in Berlin, which will also function as the regional hub for further European expansion.

It is expected that the first two Alexander Dennis Enviro500 will enter passenger service in mid-November on Berlin’s flagship route 100, which this autumn celebrates its 30th anniversary of linking East and West following the fall of the Berlin Wall.

The Alexander Dennis Enviro500, previously known as the TransBus Enviro500, is a three-axle double-decker bus built by Alexander Dennis, formerly by TransBus, in the United Kingdom. It was unveiled in 2002 and is one of the Enviro-series bus models made by Alexander Dennis. The second generation Enviro500, also known as the Enviro500 MMC or Enviro500 USA Standard, was launched in 2012, replacing the original version. ADL has drawn on experience with over 18,000 double deckers deployed around the world, in Canada, the United States, Mexico, United Kingdom, Ireland, Switzerland, Hong Kong, Singapore and New Zealand, to jointly develop a bus that fully responds to BVG’s needs and delivers an outstanding travel experience for bus users in Berlin.

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