ADS TEC Energy’s Ultra Fast Battery-Buffered EV Charging

EV Charging
EV ChargingImage Source – ADS TEC Energy

Global leader in battery-buffered, ultra-fast charging technology, ADS-TEC Energy has published a new white paper detailing how network charge operators can save up to 30% in total cost of ownership with its ultra-fast, battery-buffered charging technology platform. The new ADS-TEC Energy research, conducted in conjunction with engineering services firm SAI Group, looks at how patented, battery-buffered charging technology enables charging operators to cost-effectively scale the charging infrastructure that underpins an all electric-vehicle world.

Electric vehicles are playing an increasingly important role in the transition to a net-zero emissions world and are expected to comprise at least two-thirds of global vehicle sales by 2040. But even as EVs are becoming more widely available and affordable, the demand for fast, convenient charging is nowhere near to being met. The current grid structure and power-limitations will put the brakes on the EV revolution but there are solutions that turn the current grid challenges into grid assets.

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