Brazilian Haulier Pra Frente Brasil Invests in 92 Scania Trucks
Pra Frente Brasil Scania Trucks

Brazilian Haulier Pra Frente Brasil Invests in 92 Scania Trucks

The transport company Pra Frente Brasil has invested in 92 additional Scania trucks. Not surprising, since it has found that the Scania fleet

management system has been a real game changer for them. In addition to the 10­12 percent fuel savings achieved with the new Scania trucks, the company reaches an additional 3-5 percent reduction thanks to Scania’s technology for instant analysis. The whole nation was moved by the progress and companionship of the successful Brazilian 1970 World Cup football team ‘Pra Frente Brasil’. It inspired to the name of the company. The family business has 400 trucks

The passion for transportation came, in turn from his father who purchased the family’s first truck back in 1962. Since then the company has grown, as has the family. The 92 new Scania trucks of various configurations and effect are needed for their further expansion. Antonio senior and his wife operate the fleet from the city of Cascavel, some 900 km southwest of São Paulo, and all of their four children work in their business. With 400 trucks, of which 92 percent are Scania, they primarily carry out deliveries of fuel and refrigerated foods.

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