DRAXLMAIER Connected Charging Infrastructure in Vilsbiburg
DRAXLMAIER Connected Charging Infrastructure in Vilsbiburg

DRAXLMAIER Connected Charging Infrastructure in Vilsbiburg

The DRAXLMAIER Group, together with the Minister for Economic Affairs Hubert Aiwanger, opened its own power generation facility at

the company’s headquarters in Vilsbiburg. DRAXLMAIER Group has now invested in the construction of what is currently the largest photovoltaic system with a connected charging infrastructure in Germany. With an area of around 7,000 square meters and a peak output of 1.28 megawatts, the photovoltaic system installed in Vilsbiburg is capable of supplying around 350 charging points with pure solar energy every day. This means that both electric company vehicles and electric cars can obtain particularly environmentally friendly electricity from employees.

With its innovative roof construction made of translucent photovoltaic elements from the manufacturer SOLARWATT, the solar roof of the car park installed by the general contractor HÖRMANN at the DRAXLMAIER location in Vilsbiburg not only offers technical highlights. For employees who use the top parking deck, the roofing also increases comfort. In the summer months in particular, solar radiation is reduced to a comfortable level so that the interiors of parked vehicles heat up much less than would be the case without roofing. Significantly fewer resources are therefore used to air-condition the interior of the parked cars to a comfortable temperature. At the same time, enough light falls through the roof structure during the day to create a pleasant atmosphere on the parking deck even without artificial lighting.

The issues of climate and environmental protection have always been very important to DRAXLMAIER. DRAXLMAIER is following the example of the federal government and has pledged to be climate neutral by 2050. The commissioning of the photovoltaic system in Vilsbiburg is therefore in the context of the company’s global catalog of measures.

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