FEV Launches Solution to Test High Voltage Batteries
FEV Launches Solution to Test High Voltage Batteries

FEV Launches Solution to Test High Voltage Batteries

FEV’s software and testing solutions division FEV STS and Heinzinger electronic announced cooperation in the field of turnkey testing

solutions for high voltage batteries up to 1.2 megawatts, 1,200 volts and 2,400 amps. This fully integrated solution with unprecedented characteristics will facilitate the development and validation of latest generation batteries for high performance electric vehicles. It will be available for customers around the world and is already operational at FEV’s new battery development and testing center near Leipzig in Germany eDLP.

FEV STS is fully integrating ERS-BIC DC devices from Heinzinger electronic, a renowned expert for state-of-the-art high-voltage electrical power supplies. Besides unmatched performance in terms of power, reaching up to 1.2 MW, 1,200 V, and 2,400 A, the device allows for a battery to be either simulated or tested. It benefits from smart energy management where excess energy can be returned to the network, or even to other installations, resulting in substantial energy savings.

Besides Heinzinger’s power supplies, a climate chamber and automation system capable of testing up to four batteries on the test bench at the same time are included in this brand new solution. The integration of Heinzinger technology in FEV STS test cells is already proven. It is in use at various customers as well as FEV facilities, in particular at the recently inaugurated eDLP, the company’s high-voltage battery development and testing center near Leipzig, Germany. It is the largest of its kind in the world.

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