Honda Unifies Manufacturing Operations & R&D in North America

Honda announced plans to combine all of its automobile manufacturing facilities in the US related to frame, engine,
Honda Unifies Manufacturing Operations & R&D in North America

transmission, and related engineering and purchasing operations into one new company, to be named Honda Development & Manufacturing of America LLC. The new company also will integrate the automobile product development operations of Honda R&D Americas LLC. The unification of Honda’s manufacturing operations and merger with auto product development will be effective April 1, 2021.

In addition, with the move of auto product development functions to the new HDMA company, the automobile product design and certain market research functions currently part of the HRA Los Angeles Center will be integrated into the Regional Operations of American Honda Motor Co Inc, based in Torrance in California.

Honda will unite all auto creation functions into HDMA with a focus on achieving seamless development of new products with improved efficiency and quality, thus positioning its North American operations for the future. These changes will effectively bring all auto development, planning, purchasing, strategy and manufacturing into one company, thus strengthening what Honda calls a “one-floor” approach to the product development process. This includes:

Centralizing key business functions to become more efficient and eliminate redundancies;

Executing new product development with increased speed and accuracy; and

Improving manufacturing characteristics with a focus on quality, cost competitiveness and the ability to deliver vehicles that appeal to customers in a timely manner.

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