LADA Izhevsk Celebrates 55 Years of History
LADA Izhevsk Celebrates 55 Years of History

LADA Izhevsk Celebrates 55 Years of History

On October 21, 2020, LADA Izhevsk automobile plant, a part of the AVTOVAZ Group, celebrates its 55th anniversary: on this day,

in 1965, an order on establishing automobile production in Izhevsk was signed. People and equipment from 22 cities of the USSR worked on construction of the automobile plant. For the first time in the country, helicopters were used in the construction of buildings. The French state-owned company Renault was the General equipment contractor of the Izhevsk automobile plant.

Car production in Izhevsk started with the Moskvich-408 model: the first sedan was assembled in December 1966. Later, the model range included Moskvich-412, IZH-2125 Combi (the first Soviet liftback), IZH-2715 (the first Soviet light commercial van), IZH-27151 (pickup), and IZH-2126 ODA. In the early 2000s, an agreement with AVTOVAZ on LADA models production in Izhevsk was signed: LADA 2106, 2104 and 2107 had been produced here.

In 2011, the company became a part of AVTOVAZ group. This contributed to the development of the Izhevsk automobile plant: in 2012, production of the LADA Granta sedans has started, in 2014 – Granta liftbacks; production of cars on the Renault-Nissan Alliance platform was also launched.

On September 25, 2015, the first production car LADA Vesta rolled off the LADA Izhevsk assembly line. To implement this project, a robotic line of stamping appeared in the press shop, a plastic component casting shop was built, a new shop for welding Vesta bodies appeared, and the paint production and assembly line were modernized.

In 2017, the Vesta family was expanded with two models – LADA Vesta SW and LADA Vesta SW Cross. It was the Vesta SW Cross that became the 5-millionth Izhevsk car produced in December 2017. On April 25, 2018, production of the LADA Vesta Cross sedan has started.

To date, more than 450 thousand LADA Vesta of all modifications have been sold. The model is confidently in the top three best-selling cars in Russia, its professional awards include 5 ”Car of the year in Russia” awards and 5 ”Golden Pegasus” awards, according to the results of the Grand Prix of the ”Za rulem” magazine. The LADA Vesta is also a leader in Russian Motorsport: the drivers of the LADA Sport ROSNEFT team became Champions in individual and team competitions in the ”Touring” and ”Super-Production” classes in the season of 2020.

On the day of the 55th anniversary of the LADA Izhevsk automobile plant, two events will be held: the solemn opening of a memorial plaque dedicated to the founder of the company, D.F.Ustinov, and a rally through the streets of Izhevsk. The newest LADA Vesta cars, which continue the 55-year history of Izhevsk automobile plant, will pass with cars from the factory Museum in one column.

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