Omnibusverkehr Spillmann Customizing Mercedes-Benz Citaro Buses
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Omnibusverkehr Spillmann Customizing Mercedes-Benz Citaro Buses

The Bietigheim based company Spillmann has long been a major player in the local bus and coach market with its emotively designed

The Bietigheim based company Spillmann has long been a major player in the local bus and coach market with its emotively designed buses. What began in 2012 with six Citaro vehicles has now grown to a fleet of 26 themed vehicles and has developed into the approach for a bus-based local transport concept of the future. On 4 December the extraordinary Citaro fleet grew by a further eight themed buses. Omnibusverkehr Spillmann has been creating the most diverse themed vehicles on the basis of Mercedes-Benz Citaro buses. And it’s been a resounding success. Thanks to their individual and comfortable equipment, the unique vehicles have great recognition value and lead to high customer satisfaction. Damage caused by vandalism is almost non-existent.

Now the company has brought a further eight new themed buses into service. Under the names “American School Bus”, “Ocean Floor”, “A History of Daimler Buses”, “Germany”, “A History of Spillmann”, “Countries and Cultures”, “Movie” and “Rainforest”, Spillmann has again staged different themes in an emotive and exciting way. It isn’t just the side walls printed with pictures and motifs that grab the attention of passengers. The colour-coordinated grab rails and the large-dimensioned printed floors also captivate the passengers. Thus, as a passenger, on one bus you might be standing on an ocean floor, while on a different bus you might find yourself on a pop art pattern or a lawn.

To give the exterior design of the Citaro a futuristic component, the Spillmann company has opted for the optionally available tram design. The side line and front end thus resemble a modern rail vehicle. The “American School Bus” occupies a special position in terms of its exterior design. The yellow/black-painted Citaro was modelled on an American school bus. On the rear window it says “School Bus” in conspicuously large letters. Bold and concise – just like the American way of life.

Spillmann has ordered all of its Citaro hybrid models with the compact hybrid module. The economical diesel engine is assisted by the additional power of a highly efficient 14 kW electric motor. It generates energy during coasting and braking and thus supports the conventional drive system when pulling away. Depending on the specific operation and topography, this can reduce the fuel consumption by as much as 8.5 percent. What’s more, the assistance system Sideguard Assist is also installed in all vehicles. Radar-based Sideguard Assist helps the bus driver when making critical right-hand turns.

For effective virus protection at the driver’s workplace, all vehicles are already equipped with a large driver’s partition screen and an air conditioning system which enables independent control of the driver’s workplace and the passenger compartment. Before the bus is brought into regular service operations, all filters in the vehicle will be replaced by high-performance particle filters with an antiviral functional layer to ensure optimum protection against COVID-19.

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