Retrofit Sideguard Assist Solution from Mercedes-Benz Trucks
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Retrofit Sideguard Assist Solution from Mercedes-Benz Trucks

Accidents involving trucks turning off to the right are among the worst type of accident that can happen on inner city roads, and not just for

Accidents involving trucks turning off to the right are among the worst type of accident that can happen on inner city roads, and not just for unprotected road users like cyclists and pedestrians, but also for the drivers themselves. In order to avoid such accidents as best as possible or at the very least to reduce their consequences, Mercedes-Benz Trucks introduced its optional Sideguard Assist S1R in 2016 as a series-production solution for many models in the Actros, Arocs or Econic ranges. For the majority of these models, Sideguard Assist is also available as a retrofit solution which affords the same level of protection as the series-production variant and since April 2021, it can now also be retrofitted on the latest-generation Actros and Arocs models. Even the Mercedes-Benz Actros F, an entry-level 18-tonne-and-over tractor unit trimmed to functionality, can now also be retrofitted with the system. But that's not all: for models in which Sideguard Assist S1R cannot be installed, Mercedes-Benz Trucks offers Sideguard Assist, basic as a retrofit solution.

The offer of a retrofit solution has been met with great interest from customers of Mercedes-Benz Trucks: since summer 2020, around 650 Mercedes-Benz trucks were retrofitted with Sideguard Assist – be that in the form of the S1R variant or as Sideguard Assist, basic. At the same time, an increasing number of haulage business owners are already ordering the system ex-works. The order quota is at the very high level of around 85 percent in Germany and Switzerland.

Equipment with Sideguard Assist can also be aided by state subsidies. That applies not only to the ex-works variant but also to the retrofit solution from Mercedes-Benz Trucks. Customers who take out vehicle insurance for their truck or tractor unit through Mercedes-Benz Bank receive a premium reduction of 15 percent when a Sideguard Assist is installed. This also applies to the retrofit solution for the Sideguard Assist S1R.

The Mercedes-Benz Sideguard Assist S1R proves to be a helpful feature, especially in difficult traffic situations and around complex junctions. If there is a risk of a truck driver unexpectedly overlooking a cyclist or pedestrian in their blind spot when turning off to the right, the system can assist the driver with a multi-stage warning process. S1R uses visual warnings in the MirrorCam display, which has now replaced regular main and wide-angle mirrors in the new Actros and Arocs. In a truck with outside mirrors, the warnings use an LED display built into the A-pillar. The core of Sideguard Assist is made up of two short-range radar sensors on the co-driver's side of the frame in front of the rear axle. The system is designed so as to monitor the entire length of the vehicle combination plus two metres to the front, one metre to the rear and up to 3.75 metres to the right. It works for solo vehicles as well as tractor/semitrailer or tractor/trailer combinations up to 18.75 metres in length.

From June 2021 Safeguard Assist S1R will be replaced on the majority of Actros and Arocs models by the new Safeguard Assist S1X equipped with a further function that could, under certain circumstances, save lives: The so-called Active Sideguard Assist ASGA system, which is optionally available ex-works from production month June, can not only warn the driver of moving pedestrians or cyclists on the co-driver's side, but also initiate an automated braking manoeuvre at turning speeds of up to 20 km/h, bringing the vehicle to a standstill should the driver fail to respond to the warning tones.

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