Volvo Buses Continues to Electrify Europe

Volvo Buses Continues to Electrify Europe

Volvo Buses continues to strengthen its position on the European market for electromobility system solutions and electrically powered

buses. Over the past year’s the company has received a large number of new orders from various cities throughout Europe. Lodz in Poland, Den Bosch in The Netherlands, Bodö and Alesund in Norway, Aarhus in Denmark, Gothenburg and Malmö in Sweden and Luxemburg are just some of the cities that have chosen to electrify their public transport system in partnership with Volvo. And despite the Covid-19 pandemic the demand for electrification of public transports continue.

Volvo Buses has sold more than 5 000 electrified buses in total, and in recent period received orders for more than 850 electrified buses from over 50 European cities. Most are for the new high-capacity Volvo 7900 Electric Articulated model, from customers in Gothenburg, Malmö and Jönköping in Sweden, as well as from Bodö in Norway and Stuttgart in Germany.

The remaining orders are for the Volvo 7900 Electric for delivery to cities such as Aarhus in Denmark, Alesund in Norway, Den Bosch in The Netherlands, Gliwice in Poland, and Luxemburg, which truly sets the standard regarding electrified public transport. Luxemburg has worked together with Volvo Buses on electromobility since 2010 and today operates both hybrid and electric hybrid Volvo buses.

Volvo Buses launched its first generation of hybrid buses back in 2010. Since then the range of fully or partially electrified models has grown into one of the widest in the industry, with alternatives for both small and large cities. In order to ease the transition to sustainable public transport, Volvo Buses offers services for route planning, vehicles, charging infrastructure, vehicle servicing and financing, in various forms of complete, turnkey solutions.

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