Webasto Delivers Retractable Hardtop for Corvette Convertible

Webasto Delivers Retractable Hardtop for Corvette Convertible

Global market leader for roof systems Webasto announced its collaboration with Chevrolet on the groundbreaking 2020 Corvette

Stingray. The re-imagined, mid-engine Corvette will feature a retractable hardtop convertible for the first time in its 67-year history. Developed by Webasto, the innovative roof system is assembled in Plymouth in Michigan.

Webasto developed the new, custom-made two-part retractable hardtop for the re-imagined Stingray, with a total of six electric motors fitted in the roof in place of a hydraulic system. The motors are not only light, but also help create a more compact package. Four of the motors feature advanced integrated controllers eliminating the need for an additional central unit and allowing the RHT to be fully opened and closed automatically within 16 seconds in both directions, while driving at speeds of up to 30 miles per hour.

The Corvette’s convertible system is also developed in accordance with the most recent cyber security guidelines, which impede unauthorized access to the vehicle and controllers, offering protection against vulnerabilities.

Thanks to the roof panels, which lie on top of each other above the mid-mounted engine, the convertible Corvette’s trunk maintains its storage capability. A camera integrated into the roof system covers the vehicle environment to provide a perfect all-round view of the vehicle.

Additionally, air management for the mid-mounted engine was factored into roof system development to ensure support of the Corvette’s aerodynamic design, as well as integration into the convertible roof itself and the tonneau cover. The transparent backlight module between the two air domes acts as a wind deflector and can be operated independently of the roof. This minimizes air turbulence and wind noise with the roof down, while fresh air is able to enter the passenger compartment when the roof is closed.

Every ounce counts when it comes to ideal cornering behavior for the Corvette. Thanks to the roof system’s composite plastic panels, coupled with other lightweight construction materials, such as aluminum, the roof system is especially light, helping Chevrolet bring customers new levels of performance. In order to retain the distinctive design lines for the convertible, the design of the sports car’s windscreen frame has been carried through consistently. As a result, the convertible variant can hardly be differentiated from the coupé variant.

Technical specifications of the retractable hardtop

Retractable hardtop with two panels and fin styling

Opening and closing time: 16 sec.

Open and close while driving up to 48 km/h

Trunk volume (irrespective of roof position): 356.8 l

Weight: approx. 64 kg

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