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Alstom Enhances Safety: Santiago Metro's Line 2 Extension

Alstom, a global leader in smart mobility, celebrates the opening of Santiago Metro's Line 2 extension, deploying cutting-edge signaling and


Alstom, a global leader in smart mobility, celebrates the opening of Santiago Metro's Line 2 extension, deploying cutting-edge signaling and automated technology. The 5.2-kilometer extension with four new stations promises a 42% reduction in travel time, benefiting over 651 thousand residents, ensuring safer, more efficient, and comfortable travel.



Alstom proudly heralds the completion of the Line 2 extension of the Santiago Metro, embedding state-of-the-art technology that guarantees heightened safety and efficiency. This milestone, powered by Alstom's advanced signaling system and automated technology, assures a more reliable and secure commuting experience for passengers.

Denis Girault, Alstom's General Director in Chile, emphasizes the company's enduring commitment to intelligent mobility for almost half a century. The extension stands as a testament to Alstom's long-standing dedication to Chile and the Santiago Metro, reinforcing safety, reliability, and efficiency.

The technology installed by Alstom encompasses an interlocking system and automatic train control, bolstering passenger safety while optimizing train acceleration, deceleration, and energy consumption. This advancement ensures consistent train intervals, maintaining operational efficiency akin to the existing line.

The 5.2-kilometer extension includes four stations—El Bosque, Observatorio, Copa Lo Martínez, and Hospital El Pino—promising a remarkable 42% reduction in travel time, benefitting over 651 thousand residents. This significant improvement will cut down the commute time to approximately 24 minutes compared to the current 41 minutes.

Alstom's responsibility extends beyond the extension itself. The company undertakes the maintenance of modern electronic interlocking technology at Line 2's new depots, ensuring the sustained efficiency of the extended line.

Alstom's association with Metro de Santiago spans almost five decades, marked by a consistent contribution to the city's transport system. The company's role encompasses technology provision, rolling stock supply, and maintenance services for Line 7, scheduled for completion in 2028.

In Chile, Alstom has been a key player in mobility for over 75 years, delivering crucial metro trains, signaling systems, and infrastructure services to Santiago Metro, Valparaíso Metro, and the State Railway Company. The company's proactive involvement continues with the delivery of advanced technology, signaling systems, maintenance, and trains for Line 7.


Alstom's cutting-edge technology and unwavering commitment fortify Santiago Metro's Line 2 extension, ensuring enhanced safety, reliability, and efficiency, marking a significant milestone in the city's transport evolution.

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