Apollolaan 171: OMA's Amsterdam Architectural Marvel

Apollolaan 171, Amsterdam's new premier office space by OMA / David Gianotten, embraces transparency, blending modernity with
Apollolaan 171
Apollolaan 171Image Source: OMA


Apollolaan 171, Amsterdam's new premier office space by OMA / David Gianotten, embraces transparency, blending modernity with historical nods to Berlage's architecture. With glass volumes inviting natural light and a brick façade echoing the area's heritage, this sustainable, 6,600 sqm marvel integrates seamlessly with its vibrant neighborhood.



The unveiling of Apollolaan 171, designed by OMA / David Gianotten, marks a significant milestone in Amsterdam's architectural landscape. This contemporary office space, nestled on Apollolaan, stands as a testament to harmonious integration with its surroundings. Lesley Bamberger, CEO of Kroonenberg Groep, heralds this creation as a remarkable addition, seamlessly blending into the vibrant neighborhood.

David Gianotten, OMA's Managing Partner and Architect, articulates the project's ethos, emphasizing its connectivity with the neighborhood's fabric. The interplay between interlocking glass volumes and the brick façade exemplifies this intention, fostering a synergy between modern architecture and historical influences from Berlage.

Apollolaan, known for its historical significance and greenery, serves as the backdrop for this architectural masterpiece. The transformation from the original JP Morgan building into Apollolaan 171 underscores the evolving functional needs while paying homage to the locale's heritage.

The architecture of Apollolaan 171 mirrors the original JP Morgan bank's outline, creating a juxtaposition through contrasting materials. The glass volumes, resembling a 3D Japanese puzzle, infuse natural light and verdant aesthetics within the office space, complementing the area's lush surroundings. Conversely, the side facing Titiaanstraat exhibits a textured brick-clad façade, resonating with the historical essence of the neighborhood.

Sustainability lies at the heart of this project, evident in various features such as triple-glazed windows, rainwater retention systems, solar panels powering electric vehicle charging stations, and a cutting-edge climate control system. Embracing the locality's green ethos, the design aligns with Amsterdam's sustainability goals.

Art and culture find their place within this architectural gem. Xavier Veilhans' sculpture honoring Berlage and Tracey Emin's neon artwork, once a part of JP Morgan's exterior, adorn the premises, encapsulating the essence of architects and their tangible influence.

Apollolaan 171 introduces 6,600 square meters of premium office space, with discussions underway for partial leasing. JP van Eesteren led the construction, while vb&t Projectmanagement supervised the project.



Apollolaan 171 stands not only as a symbol of architectural brilliance but also as a testament to sustainable design. OMA's vision, marrying modernity and heritage, has resulted in a vibrant space that seamlessly integrates with Amsterdam's rich tapestry, promising a harmonious blend of innovation and tradition for years to come.

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