AquaMarvel: New York's Floating Filtered Oasis

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New York Governor Kathy Hochul allocates $16 million for the testing of the innovative "+ POOL," a plus-shaped floating pool set to open in 2025. Designed to filter over 1,000,000 gallons of water daily without chemicals, the customizable 9,000 sq ft pool aims to provide clean swimming experiences under the city skyline. The project reflects a breakthrough in utilizing waterways for community pools, addressing historical neglect. The feasibility of the pool's mobility between sites is under consideration, marking a significant step in reclaiming and enjoying New York's natural resources.


In a visionary move to enhance New York City's recreational landscape, Governor Kathy Hochul has unveiled plans to invest $16 million in testing the groundbreaking "+ POOL." Shaped like a plus sign, this floating pool not only promises a unique aquatic experience but also integrates innovative filtration technology, capable of purifying over 1,000,000 gallons of water daily—all without the use of chemicals.

The + POOL, spanning 9,000 square feet, is designed to cater to various activities, from lap swimming and lounging to watersports and children's activities. Its adaptability ensures a diverse range of aquatic experiences for the public. Set to undergo testing in the summer of 2024, with an official opening slated for 2025, the pool is poised to redefine the way New Yorkers engage with their urban waterways.

One of the distinctive features of the + POOL is its potential mobility between different sites. While this exciting prospect is currently under examination, it hints at a future where the floating pool becomes a traveling oasis, enhancing access to clean and enjoyable water experiences across the city.

Governor Hochul expressed enthusiasm about the project, emphasizing that the + POOL would provide New Yorkers with the opportunity to swim in clean, filtered water against the captivating backdrop of the city skyline. New York Mayor Eric Adams celebrated the realization of this invention, highlighting its significance in utilizing waterways within historically neglected communities.

Kara Meyer, the managing director of Friends of + POOL, sees the initiative as a means to reclaim New York's natural resources, restoring the utility of waterways, and fostering a connection between people and nature. The project represents a communal effort to make water-based recreation accessible to all, breaking barriers that have persisted for too long.

The financial support for the + POOL project comes from both the state and city. New York State will contribute $12 million, while the city will chip in with $4 million. This collaborative investment reflects a commitment to realizing a shared vision of transforming urban waterways into vibrant and accessible spaces for the community.

Originally announced in 2021, the + POOL project involved contributions from Arup, focusing on structure, mechanics, and filtration systems, One Nature as the ecological consultant, and McLaren Engineering as the marine engineer.


The + POOL project not only signifies a revolutionary approach to urban recreation but also stands as a testament to the collaborative spirit between the state and the city of New York. As the floating oasis undergoes testing and prepares for its official debut in 2025, it holds the promise of reshaping how New Yorkers engage with their city's waterways. Beyond its innovative design, the + POOL symbolizes a step toward inclusivity, breaking down historical barriers to bring clean and enjoyable water experiences to communities that have long been overlooked.

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