Budimex Secures Contract for Łódź High-Speed Rail Tunnel

Polish firm Budimex clinched a €34m deal to prepare for a 4km-long high-speed rail tunnel in Łódź, crucial for Poland’s Centralny Port
Łódź High-Speed Rail Tunnel
Łódź High-Speed Rail TunnelImage Source: RailwayPRO


Polish firm Budimex clinched a €34m deal to prepare for a 4km-long high-speed rail tunnel in Łódź, crucial for Poland’s Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) mega-project. The tunnel, forming a Y-shaped route from Warsaw to Wrocław and Poznań, is a cornerstone for Poland's endeavor to link major cities within 2.5 hours of Warsaw's new airport.



Budimex, a Polish contractor, embarks on a pivotal project after securing a €34 million contract aimed at laying the groundwork for a substantial 4km-long high-speed rail tunnel in Łódź. This infrastructure stands as a vital element within Poland’s ambitious Centralny Port Komunikacyjny (CPK) mega-project.

The tunnel's construction assumes paramount importance as it delineates a crucial Y-shaped path from Warsaw, branching southwest to Wrocław and northwest to Poznań. Envisioned as a linchpin for the country's connectivity, CPK's objective is to streamline travel, linking major cities within a 2.5-hour radius of Warsaw’s new airport.

Budimex, primarily owned by Spain's Ferrovial, shoulders the responsibility of constructing the launching and receiving chambers for the tunnel boring machine (TBM). These chambers, located at the tunnel’s endpoints, are pivotal for the successful commencement of the tunneling process.

The TBM's launch chamber will be situated in Łódź’s Retkinia district at the tunnel’s southwest end, while the receiving chamber will be strategically positioned downtown, on the western side of the Łódź Fabryczna rail station.

Marcin Horała, the government minister and CPK representative, highlighted the past suspension of a similar high-speed project a decade ago, emphasizing the irreplaceable time lost due to this decision. The commencement of the Y-shaped railway route underlines the significance of CPK's current investments.

CPK's initiatives and Budimex's pivotal role in constructing this tunnel underscore Poland's commitment to enhancing national connectivity, a testament to the nation's determination to achieve widespread accessibility and integration.


Budimex's acquisition of the contract signifies a crucial milestone in Poland’s infrastructural advancements, particularly in the high-speed rail sector. This project, nested within the CPK mega-scheme, represents Poland's steadfast commitment to revolutionize transportation and accessibility.

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