Coastal Serenity: dRMM's Wellness Haven

Wellness-Retreat Portugal
Wellness-Retreat PortugalImage Source: Now in Portugal


dRMM, partnering with Portuguese experts, plans a wellness hotel overlooking Nazaré's coastline. With sustainable design inspired by UN goals, the project boasts terraced structures, eco-friendly features, and a blend of local elements for an 81-room retreat. However, pending approvals and investor backing await before breaking ground on this serene coastal escape.



On the scenic shores of Portugal's west coast, dRMM, a distinguished UK architectural firm, embraces a novel endeavor to craft a wellness-oriented haven in collaboration with Hotel Atlantic. Teaming up with three esteemed Portuguese consultants—architect Estúdio Periférico, engineer Safre, and landscape designer Leonor Miguéis—the project envisions an architectural marvel near the town of Nazaré, promising an immersive coastal experience.

Spanning across 43 hectares, the ambitious undertaking plans to seamlessly integrate into the natural landscape, promising all 81 rooms captivating vistas of the sea and enchanting sunsets. Guests will be greeted by a striking parabolic arch leading to a grand triple-height lobby adorned with timber columns. This inviting space serves as a gateway, offering pathways to a ground-level restaurant or a scenic ascent via a sculptural staircase leading to a panoramic bar—a sanctuary to embrace nature's beauty.

At its core, the project epitomizes sustainable design, incorporating water recycling, solar panels, and innovative air ventilation systems. Inspired by the United Nations' 17 Sustainable Development Goals, the design champions a purpose-driven approach, merging environmental consciousness with architectural brilliance.

The architectural fabric will feature locally sourced materials such as timber, stone, terracotta, and cork, integrating the essence of the region's cultural heritage. The exterior walls adorned with Bougainvillea flowers and adorned with bamboo pergolas promise both aesthetic allure and functional shade.

However, the project's commencement hinges on crucial approvals from Alcobaça council, Portugal's tourist agency, and indispensable support from investors, awaiting validation and funding to transform into a serene coastal sanctuary.


dRMM's vision for a wellness hotel reflects a commitment to eco-friendly luxury, blending nature's beauty with sustainable design principles. Yet, the project's realization is contingent upon securing essential endorsements and investor backing, as its blueprint awaits validation and resources to transform into a serene coastal escape.

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