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DARPA Picks ICON for LunA-10 Lunar Study

DARPA, renowned for technological innovations, chooses ICON among 14 participants for the Lunar Architecture (LunA-10) study, aiming to


DARPA, renowned for technological innovations, chooses ICON among 14 participants for the Lunar Architecture (LunA-10) study, aiming to shape the next decade's lunar economy. This 7-month endeavor will craft a blueprint for a commercial lunar infrastructure, fostering space research and investments.



In a significant stride, ICON joins DARPA's LunA-10 study, a pivotal initiative set to orchestrate the foundational elements of a burgeoning lunar economy over the next ten years. Tasked with fostering a consortium within the space industry, the study seeks to architect a commercial lunar framework, steering future lunar exploration and commerce.

The selection by DARPA stands as a testament to ICON's prowess in advanced construction technologies. CEO Jason Ballard expressed ICON's honor, highlighting the endeavor's aim to bolster economic dynamism on the Moon. This venture aligns with ICON's vision of interstellar construction, necessitating collaboration with diverse technology providers.

Evan Jensen, ICON's VP of Strategic R&D, emphasized the study's significance in deciphering resource availability and fostering symbiotic relationships between providers, essential for realizing ICON's off-world ventures.

This collaboration supplements ICON's prior engagements in lunar research and development. With a $60 million contract under NASA's SBIR program for Project Olympus, ICON aims to pioneer space-based construction systems utilizing local resources for lunar and Martian exploration. Their Mars Dune Alpha project, a simulated Martian habitat, underscores their commitment to space technology.

Recognized for pioneering 3D printing in home construction, ICON has expanded its vision to off-world construction. Their accomplishments range from delivering 3D-printed homes and barracks for military personnel to collaborating on NASA projects for lunar and Martian habitation.

As ICON embarks on this celestial endeavor, their legacy of transforming construction with innovative technology propels humanity into the space age.


In an era where technology continually shapes our future, the collaboration between DARPA and ICON for the LunA-10 study stands as a testament to human endeavor in venturing beyond Earth's confines. This alliance doesn't just signal technological advancements but also heralds an era where the Moon becomes a frontier for commercial innovation, inviting humanity into a new era of lunar exploration and commerce. As ICON pioneers the path toward a celestial economy, their footprint on the Moon's surface promises to be a testament to human ingenuity and determination.

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