Egis Secures Pivotal EPR2 Deal

Egis clinches a crucial contract for detailed civil engineering studies for the nuclear island of two EPR2 reactors at Penly, Seine-Maritime. Led
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Egis clinches a crucial contract for detailed civil engineering studies for the nuclear island of two EPR2 reactors at Penly, Seine-Maritime. Led by the ENSPIR3 consortium, Egis, Setec, and GDS will conduct comprehensive calculations, soil studies, and develop digital models for construction. This partnership highlights Egis' pivotal role in France's nuclear industry growth and commitment to carbon neutrality by 2050.


Egis, in collaboration with Setec and GDS within the ENSPIR3 consortium, has secured a milestone contract for the intricate civil engineering studies pertaining to the nuclear island of two EPR2 reactors slated for construction at the Penly site in Seine-Maritime. Luc Rémont, Chairman, and CEO of EDF, along with Laurent Germain, CEO of Egis, officially formalized this crucial contract on December 13.

The consortium, spearheaded by Egis, shoulders the responsibility of conducting detailed civil engineering studies crucial for the construction of the two EPR2 reactors planned by EDF at the Penly site. Egis and its partners will meticulously undertake the civil engineering studies, encompassing overall calculations, soil analyses, and the development of digital models for formwork and reinforcement during construction.

Recognized as a European leader in nuclear civil engineering, Egis boasts a longstanding partnership with EDF in France and globally. In its pursuit of the EPR2 program, Egis has prioritized investment in digital tools, continuity, and streamlined engineering processes to industrialize civil engineering studies for this vast and intricate project. The objective is to achieve exceptional cost and time efficiency while upholding superior quality and technical proficiency.

Upon completion, these two 1670-megawatt reactors aim to power several million homes, aligning with the overarching objective of achieving zero net greenhouse gas emissions by 2050.

The significance of this project extends beyond energy supply; it contributes substantially to France's journey towards carbon neutrality. Egis, as an international engineering entity with over seven decades of collaboration with the nuclear industry, reaffirms its European leadership in nuclear civil engineering through this contract. The commitment from EDF signifies confidence in Egis during this pivotal era for France's nuclear power domain.

Laurent Germain, Egis CEO, emphasizes the company's pride in contributing to France's nuclear resurgence and its proactive role in achieving carbon neutrality. This contract underscores Egis' enduring commitment to excellence in nuclear engineering and its alignment with France's long-term energy consolidation strategy.



Egis' attainment of the EPR2 contract underscores its pivotal role in spearheading comprehensive civil engineering studies for France's nuclear power expansion. This collaboration stands as a testament to Egis' commitment to technological innovation, environmental sustainability, and its integral role in shaping the nation's energy landscape.

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