Elevating NYC: Skanska's Subway Escalator Symphony



Skanska secures a $146m contract from New York's Metropolitan Transportation Authority to replace and upgrade 21 subway escalators across the city. The design-build project, spanning various stations, aims to enhance the subway experience for commuters. With a timeline stretching from this month to February 2027, the initiative aligns with efforts to modernize and maintain New York's crucial public transportation infrastructure.


*Revamping New York's Subway Landscape:*

In a significant stride towards enhancing New York's subway infrastructure, Skanska has clinched a $146m contract from the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. The design-build project encompasses the replacement of 21 subway escalators, coupled with upgrades to escalator machine rooms, signifying a substantial commitment to improving the city's public transportation facilities.

*Strategic Escalator Installations:*

The project strategically places ten new escalators at the Lexington Ave/63rd Street Station, providing a substantial upgrade to one of the bustling transit hubs. Additionally, the 21st Street/Queensbridge Station will witness the installation of six modern escalators, contributing to a more efficient and reliable commuting experience. Two escalators each will be allocated to the Park Place Station, while singular installations will grace the 51st Street, High Street, and Franklin Avenue stations.

*Skanska's Commendable Contract:*

Skanska, a prominent player in construction and development, has embarked on this transformative endeavor, showcasing its capabilities in urban infrastructure enhancement. The $146m contract underscores Skanska's commitment to contributing to the modernization and upkeep of vital public transportation assets.

*Commencement and Timeline:*

Commencing this month, the ambitious project is slated for completion by February 2027. The timeline reflects a meticulous approach to the escalator replacement and upgrade process, ensuring minimal disruption to subway services while delivering long-term benefits to commuters.

*Critical Role in Public Transport Overhaul:*

As New York continues its efforts to overhaul and modernize its public transportation network, Skanska's project assumes a critical role in elevating the subway experience. The emphasis on escalator replacement aligns with the city's commitment to providing safe, efficient, and state-of-the-art transit facilities for its residents and visitors.

*Global Construction Impact:*

Skanska's involvement in such high-profile urban projects not only contributes to local infrastructure but also reflects the broader impact of construction firms on global urban development. The successful execution of this initiative is poised to set a standard for effective public transportation upgrades in other metropolitan areas worldwide.


Skanska's $146m contract to replace and upgrade 21 subway escalators in New York represents a pivotal step towards modernizing the city's vital public transportation network. As construction commences this month and unfolds over the next few years, the project is expected to significantly contribute to the seamless and efficient movement of commuters, further solidifying Skanska's role in shaping the future of urban infrastructure.

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