Eurobalise: Alstom's Revolutionary Rail Safety Innovation

Alstom unveils a pioneering Eurobalise device merging ERTMS encoding, transforming rail safety. This breakthrough, first adopted by
EurobaliseImage Source: Alstom


Alstom unveils a pioneering Eurobalise device merging ERTMS encoding, transforming rail safety. This breakthrough, first adopted by Infrabel, fortifies track worker protection and optimizes train communication, elevating safety during maintenance.



Alstom, a leader in smart mobility, marks a new era in rail safety with the introduction of an advanced Eurobalise unit. This innovation integrates simplified ERTMS encoding capabilities, an unprecedented stride towards enhancing safety in rail operations.

Bernard Belvaux, Alstom Benelux Managing Director, highlights the significance of this innovation, emphasizing its alignment with the company's commitment to revolutionize rail safety through digital solutions.

Infrabel, the Belgian rail network operator, has initiated this pioneering leap by placing the first firm order for 50 units, accompanied by 20-year maintenance services, signifying the credibility and efficiency of this revolutionary solution.

This groundbreaking Eurobalise, integrating encoding functionalities, ensures track worker safety during maintenance by efficiently signaling "STOP" or "GO" messages to approaching trains, securing the work area automatically.

Deployed within the train control system level 1 with limited supervision, this innovation autonomously selects the appropriate message among 16 possibilities, transmitting it to the train with the highest level of Safety Integrity (SIL4), guaranteeing enhanced safety standards.

The amalgamation of Eurobalise and encoder functions into a singular unit not only ensures ease of installation but also provides rail operators with a cost-effective and competitive safety solution.

Crucially, this innovation addresses the paramount need for elevated safety during track maintenance operations. By granting operators remote control over train movements, it significantly mitigates accident risks, elevating overall safety standards.

A Eurobalise plays a pivotal role in transmitting data and ensuring ERTMS compliance. This advanced version, a testament to Alstom's renowned Onvia Balise technology, is poised to revolutionize rail safety globally, with its proven track record of over 400,000 units installed worldwide.


Alstom's innovative Eurobalise integration of ERTMS encoding heralds a new chapter in rail safety, promising enhanced protection for track workers and optimized communication for trains, setting new benchmarks in railway safety.

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