HAUS 1: A Bright Transformation in Atelier Gardens, Berlin

MVRDV, in partnership with Hirschmüller Schindele Architekten, completes the innovative revamp of HAUS 1, an erstwhile office
Atelier Gardens
Atelier GardensImage Source: MVRDV


MVRDV, in partnership with Hirschmüller Schindele Architekten, completes the innovative revamp of HAUS 1, an erstwhile office structure within Berlin's Atelier Gardens. This sustainable metamorphosis includes a vibrant yellow exterior, a green rooftop, and a timber pavilion, transforming the building into an inviting entrance and symbol of change for the BUFA campus.


HAUS 1 emerges as the latest endeavor by MVRDV within Atelier Gardens, following the successful restoration of TON 1, a historic film studio. Located near Tempelhof Airport in Berlin, the masterplan aims to expand the site's purpose, welcoming diverse entities focused on climate activism and social justice, envisioning a sustainable transformation without demolishing existing structures.

The comprehensive plan, recognized with the MIPIM Award for Best Urban Regeneration, reimagines the 23,800-square-meter campus incrementally, utilizing existing structures and enhancing interstitial spaces. The ecological landscape design by Harris Bugg Studio accentuates sustainability, fostering biodiversity and permeability while minimizing impermeable surfaces.

Unlike TON 1's sensitive restoration, HAUS 1 demanded a bolder approach. Originally constructed in 1997, the building lacked distinction. Transformed into a vibrant yellow structure visible from Tempelhof's former airfield, it symbolizes Atelier Gardens' ethos of optimism, radicalism, and innovation.

Jacob van Rijs, MVRDV's founding partner, highlights the significance of HAUS 1 as a beacon of societal change and invites individuals to embrace this vision. The building's dramatic color change and a yellow stair-scape leading to the roof serve as distinct markers of transformation.

The rooftop now features a timber pavilion and a living roof, promoting sustainability and rainwater harvesting. Energy-efficient measures, adaptive interior spaces, and a focus on recyclable materials characterize HAUS 1's eco-conscious transformation.

Clive Nichol, Managing Partner of Fabrix, praises Atelier Gardens' evolution, transforming the campus into a diverse community hub. The model's resilience lies in a diverse income profile and means-tested rent, fostering collaboration while ensuring long-term viability.

MVRDV's collaboration with Hirschmüller Schindele Architekten and Harris Bugg Studio underscores a sustainable future for Atelier Gardens, setting a new benchmark for mixed-use campuses.


HAUS 1's transformation embodies innovation, sustainability, and adaptability, signaling a vibrant future for Atelier Gardens as a thriving, purpose-driven hub.

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