MAD Architects Unveils Qondesa, a Transformative Project in Quito

Quito, the captivating capital of Ecuador, known for its rich ecosystems, diverse ethnicities, and cultural heritage, has become the canvas for MAD Architects'
Qondesa Qunito
Qondesa Qunito MAD Architects

Quito, the captivating capital of Ecuador, known for its rich ecosystems, diverse ethnicities, and cultural heritage, has become the canvas for MAD Architects' inaugural venture in South America. Led by the visionary Ma Yansong, MAD has revealed their groundbreaking mixed-use project, Qondesa, poised to become the tallest building in Quito. Embracing a harmonious coexistence with nature and envisioning an ecologically conscious future, MAD aims to redefine high-density living through innovative design solutions.

Taking inspiration from the city's natural surroundings, MAD's design for Qondesa seeks to establish a profound connection between residents and the splendor of the natural world. The building's dynamic design, reminiscent of twisting vines, emerges from the ground and ascends towards the sky. The exterior facade gracefully tapers at its peak, adorned with lush greenery that cascades into planters found on the building's balconies. Meticulously crafted to preserve natural light and unobstructed views from neighboring structures, Qondesa's exterior shape is a testament to the seamless integration of architecture and nature.

Situated within the Guayllabamba river basin and nestled amidst the eastern slopes of the majestic Pichincha volcano in the Andes mountains, Quito boasts an architectural heritage characterized by stone facades. Paying homage to the historic buildings in Quito's Old Town, which employed volcanic stone from the nearby volcano, the facade of Qondesa exudes a captivating stone-colored hue. The playful organic lines of the building's exterior harmonize effortlessly with the protruding native vegetation, resulting in an elegant aesthetic that promises to become an iconic feature of Quito's skyline.

Qondesa is a testament to eco-friendly design, comprised of thoughtfully planned urban apartments that seamlessly integrate with Quito's urban fabric. Conveniently connected to the city's key destinations through the nearby Iñaquito Metro station, the building offers an ideal residential haven for the denizens of Quito. Additionally, Qondesa is located opposite La Carolina Park, a sprawling 67-hectare green space that serves as the heart of the city, unifying residential, commercial, and recreational elements. With a multitude of amenities and communal areas, Qondesa fosters a new paradigm of vertical community living, where residents play a pivotal role in enlivening the building.

Qondesa's grandeur, design, and functionality are complemented by its commitment to eco-efficient engineering. The project incorporates sustainable practices that emphasize responsible resource and energy consumption, as well as comprehensive waste management that spans from the construction phase and beyond. This transformative urban contribution aligns with Quito's vision of creating a more environmentally friendly city, elevating the overall quality of life for its inhabitants.

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