Mota-Engil's Global Endeavors: $1.1bn Construction Triumph

Angola's Corimba waterfront
Angola's Corimba waterfrontImage Source: HCN Times


Portuguese construction giant Mota-Engil secures a triumphant start to 2024 with contracts totaling $1.1 billion in Angola and Mexico. The projects encompass a diverse range, including a 2,000-unit social housing scheme on Angola's Corimba waterfront, infrastructure improvements in Luanda, and a strategic border post. Additionally, Mota-Engil ventures into Mexico with a $110 million road construction on the outskirts of Mexico City. The company's robust performance, marked by close to tripling share prices in the previous year, signifies its resilience and prowess in the post-pandemic building boom.


*Embarking on Ambitious Ventures:*

Mota-Engil, Portugal's construction powerhouse, commences 2024 on a resounding note, securing contracts totaling $1.1 billion in Angola and Mexico. This triumphant start underscores the company's global prowess and strategic positioning in diverse construction endeavors.

*Transforming Angola's Landscape:*

In Angola, Mota-Engil clinches a substantial contract with the public works ministry to construct a 2,000-unit social housing scheme along the scenic Corimba waterfront in Luanda. Valued at $670 million, this three-year venture exemplifies the company's commitment to contributing to Angola's urban development and housing infrastructure.

*Revitalizing Infrastructure in Luanda:*

Simultaneously, Mota-Engil embarks on a vital project to revitalize infrastructure in Luanda's Nova Vida quarter. The quarter, established between 2003 and 2012, requires comprehensive improvements in paving, water supply, drainage, and sewage treatment. This two-year contract, valued at approximately $230 million, aligns with the company's dedication to enhancing urban living environments.

*Strategic Border Post in Angola:*

Expanding its footprint, Mota-Engil takes on the challenge of constructing a strategic border post on Angola's frontier with the Democratic Republic of Congo. This initiative not only emphasizes the company's versatility but also contributes to strengthening cross-border connectivity and trade infrastructure.

*Venturing into Mexico's Infrastructure:*

Beyond the African continent, Mota-Engil extends its construction prowess to Mexico, securing a $110 million project to construct a road on the outskirts of Mexico City. This venture marks the company's foray into Mexican infrastructure development and aligns with its global expansion strategy.

*Financial Resilience and Post-Pandemic Success:*

Mota-Engil's remarkable performance in 2023, with a share price nearly tripling, attests to its resilience and success in navigating the post-pandemic building boom. With a revenue of $4.3 billion in the first nine months of 2023 and an optimistic outlook to surpass $5 billion for the full year, the company stands as a testament to the robustness of the construction sector.

*Global Construction Triumph:*

The $1.1 billion construction triumph in Angola and Mexico positions Mota-Engil as a key player in global construction. The diverse nature of these projects, ranging from social housing to border infrastructure, showcases the company's versatility and ability to undertake complex initiatives across continents.


As Mota-Engil embarks on these ambitious projects in Angola and Mexico, the company not only contributes to the development of urban landscapes but also solidifies its standing as a global construction leader. The resilience demonstrated in its financial success and the strategic diversity of these contracts highlight Mota-Engil's capacity to navigate challenges and thrive in the dynamic construction industry.

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