Neom’s Norlana: Saudi Arabia's Active Oasis

Saudi Arabia unveils the "Norlana" district in Neom, a sports and wellness hub. This area aims to accommodate 3,000
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Saudi Arabia unveils the "Norlana" district in Neom, a sports and wellness hub. This area aims to accommodate 3,000 residents across 711 properties, featuring hotels, a marina, and various sports facilities like a golf course, equestrian center, and diving spots. Architect 10 Design harmonizes the architecture with nature, blending structures into the mountains for sustainability.



In Saudi Arabia's ambitious Neom development, plans for the "Norlana" district have emerged, promising an active and wellness-oriented haven within the kingdom's northwestern expanse. With a focus on fostering an active lifestyle, this zone is set to accommodate 3,000 residents across a diverse array of 711 properties. Among these properties, the design integrates mansions, apartments, and villas seamlessly into the natural contours of sand dunes, offering an unparalleled connection with the environment.

The visionary project encompasses two hotels and an exclusive 120-berth marina and superyacht club, catering to luxury experiences amidst nature's vastness. Notably, the district plans to house an 18-hole golf course nestled within the mountains, an equestrian and polo center, as well as provisions for sailing and diving, accentuating the region's allure as an active lifestyle destination.

Hong Kong-based architect 10 Design spearheaded the conceptualization, aiming to harmonize architectural structures with the rugged mountainscape, creating an illusion that buildings organically emerge from the mountains, thus blending human creations with natural formations.

The endeavor aligns with Neom's commitment to sustainability, emphasizing land and marine habitat preservation, promoting an ethos of sustainable development and environmental conservation.

Beyond Norlana, Neom unfolds plans for additional resorts like the Epicon district, envisioned by 10 Design, and the Siranna development, embracing hexagonal pillars inspired by the Gulf of Aqaba's distinctive terrain, further enriching the kingdom's vision for multifaceted, nature-integrated living spaces.


Saudi Arabia's Norlana district within Neom signifies a testament to the kingdom's commitment to blending opulent lifestyles with environmental consciousness. With meticulous architecture and an emphasis on active living, this development seeks to seamlessly integrate luxury and nature. The plans for additional resorts reflect a grand vision, hinting at a multifaceted, sustainable living experience in Neom's future landscape.

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