Neom's Oasis: Webuild Secures Deal for Mountain Marvel

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Italian giant Webuild clinches a monumental $4.7 billion contract from NEOM to shape the future of Saudi Arabia's Trojena mountain destination. The project encompasses the construction of three dams, creating a sprawling 2.8-kilometer freshwater lake and a groundbreaking architectural wonder known as 'The Bow.' Trojena, hosting the 2029 Asian Winter Games, aligns with Saudi Vision 2030's economic diversification goals. This transformative venture, engaging over 10,000 individuals, positions Webuild as a global leader in NEOM's futuristic development.


In a groundbreaking venture destined to reshape the landscape of Saudi Arabia's Trojena mountain destination, Webuild, the renowned Italian infrastructure company, has secured a colossal $4.7 billion contract from NEOM. This ambitious project marks a pivotal milestone in the region's evolution, combining innovative dam construction, a vast freshwater lake, and the creation of an architectural marvel named 'The Bow.'

The focal point of this transformative endeavor is the construction of three dams, with the primary dam reaching a towering height of 145 meters, stretching 475 meters in length, and holding a volume of approximately 2.7 million cubic meters. The second dam, also crafted from roller-compacted concrete (RCC), and the third, hewn from rock, add further dimensions to this engineering feat.

The crowning jewel of the Trojena project is the artificial lake, covering an expansive 1.5 square kilometers. Designed to be the largest architecturally-crafted body of water in Saudi Arabia, the lake introduces an island reserved for botanical explorations and leisurely strolls. This aquatic masterpiece forms a crucial component of Trojena's masterplan, embodying NEOM's vision for sustainable living and becoming a global hub for water sports and entertainment.

Webuild's visionary approach extends beyond conventional dam construction, culminating in 'The Bow.' This architectural spectacle extends over the valley, resembling the prow of a ship suspended in mid-air. Housing a luxury hotel, residential quarters, and a central atrium replete with accommodation and hospitality facilities, 'The Bow' is set to become an iconic symbol of Trojena's ascent.

Webuild CEO, Pietro Salini, expressed delight and pride in securing this pivotal project, emphasizing the freshwater lake's significance in Trojena's masterplan. The scale and complexity of the project position Webuild as a global leader with the requisite experience and expertise to realize this ambitious infrastructure undertaking.

Philip Gullett, Executive Director at Trojena, hailed Webuild's appointment as a significant milestone, highlighting the progress made in excavation and the adoption of sustainable practices in construction. Trojena, already making strides with three million cubic meters of excavation at the lake site, anticipates further advancements as the project takes shape.

As the project progresses, Trojena Lake is poised to become not only a testament to engineering marvel but a central feature defining the region's commitment to environmental sustainability, offering residents and visitors a serene mountain retreat.


Webuild's triumph in securing the $4.7 billion contract for NEOM's Trojena mountain destination marks a significant stride in shaping Saudi Arabia's futuristic landscape. With the construction of three dams forming a vast freshwater lake, complemented by the architectural wonder 'The Bow,' Trojena stands as a beacon of innovation and sustainable development. Engaging over 10,000 individuals, Webuild's role in this transformative project reaffirms its global leadership. Trojena's vision aligns seamlessly with NEOM's commitment to economic diversification under Saudi Vision 2030, promising a harmonious blend of environmental sustainability and cutting-edge infrastructure. The Trojena project, encompassing the largest architecturally-crafted lake in Saudi Arabia, sets the stage for a future where technology, nature, and architectural marvels converge in the heart of the desert.

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