NUVO: Pioneering Sustainable Ukrainian Cityscape

MVRDV and Orange Architects unveil NUVO, a groundbreaking project in Ukraine's business hub. This transformative complex
NUVO 02Image Source: MVRDV


MVRDV and Orange Architects unveil NUVO, a groundbreaking project in Ukraine's business hub. This transformative complex integrates business, residential, and cultural spaces with an emphasis on public interconnectedness and sustainability.



In a collaborative effort, MVRDV and Orange Architects have unveiled NUVO, a visionary project poised to redefine Ukraine's commercial landscape. Commissioned by Kovalska, this initiative rekindles a pre-war plan, pivoting towards communal spaces amidst challenging times.

The renewed blueprint for NUVO prioritizes community-centric areas, fostering interactions within and around the edifices. Comprising five distinct structures, this venture amalgamates a business park, residences, and cultural initiatives, striving to become Ukraine's foremost sustainable and technological development.

MVRDV's contribution includes two buildings spanning over 42,000 square meters, promising adaptable Grade-A office spaces. A towering 18-storey structure and an 11-storey block echo innovative design elements, featuring public plazas and wraparound terraces promoting seamless connections between floors.

Moreover, Orange Architects' 36,000-square-meter building harmonizes diverse functions, housing a mobility hub, offices, a hotel, and residential units. Its architectural ingenuity lies in a flexible structure catering to future needs, emphasizing outdoor terraces and sustainable design elements.

Jeroen Schipper of Orange Architects emphasizes their commitment to Ukraine's reconstruction, envisioning NUVO as a blueprint for sustainable communities. Meanwhile, Jacob van Rijs of MVRDV highlights the flexibility of their designs, aligning them with societal needs amid ongoing conflict, fostering high-quality workspaces and communal areas.

Kovalska's Executive Director, Olga Pylypenko, champions sustainability in the NUVO project, aiming to set new benchmarks in Ukrainian development. Emphasizing Ukraine's potential growth and the project's contribution to the nation's recovery, she envisions NUVO as a beacon of modern European architecture.

Anticipating increased foot traffic, the project plans a high-speed tram line and shares common infrastructure across its five buildings. Designed to be Ukraine's sustainable epicenter, NUVO's façades utilize local materials, showcasing Kovalska's innovative products while focusing on solar modeling for optimal energy efficiency.


NUVO emerges not just as a construction project but as a beacon of hope and innovation for Ukraine's future. Through collaborative efforts and a commitment to sustainability and adaptability, MVRDV, Orange Architects, and Kovalska aspire to redefine Ukrainian architecture, fostering community, resilience, and growth.

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