Peab to Construct State-of-the-Art National Archives in Härnösand

Peab, renowned for its expertise in community building projects, secures the SEK 800 million contract to build the new National Archives in Härnösand.
National Archives of Sweden
National Archives of SwedenImage Source - Peab

In a remarkable achievement, Peab, renowned for its expertise in community building projects, has been selected as the contractor for the prestigious National Archives project in Härnösand. Valued at SEK 800 million, this monumental endeavor aims to provide state-of-the-art archival facilities for the National Archives of Sweden and the Swedish Tax Agency, meeting their urgent need for suitable spaces to house an extensive collection of irreplaceable documents.

Spanning approximately 34,000 square meters, the archive building will comprise two sections: one dedicated to archives and the other to administration. While functional design for the archives and offices is paramount, equal attention is given to landscaping and creating an inviting outdoor environment. The project's strong emphasis on sustainability ensures that it aligns with modern environmental standards.

The National Archives of Sweden, responsible for preserving the nation's historical records, faces an ever-increasing volume of archives from federal agencies. The construction of a new archive building in Härnösand will address this pressing need by providing more space and better-suited facilities. Likewise, the Swedish Tax Agency aims to streamline its operations by consolidating physical documents in a central archive, requiring robust protection against potential risks such as water damage, humidity, fire, and theft.

Fredrik Timan, Region Manager at Peab, expresses both pleasure and pride in securing this vital community building project. Acknowledging the significant responsibility placed on the contractor, Timan emphasizes the unique nature of the documents to be housed within the archive building. Together with Specialfastigheter, Peab has meticulously analyzed and planned solutions to meet the stringent demands and challenges associated with the construction phase.

The project is divided into two phases, with the initial phase commencing in the autumn of 2022, focusing on construction project planning and budget establishment. The second phase, slated to begin in May 2023, will involve production and the initiation of operations. The ultimate goal is for the new National Archives of Sweden in Härnösand to be fully operational by 2025, providing an essential resource for researchers, historians, and the general public.

The significance of Peab's selection as the contractor for this project extends beyond the local community. As a trusted name in community building, Peab's expertise and commitment to excellence are evident. This monumental endeavor exemplifies Peab's dedication to delivering high-quality infrastructure while upholding sustainability and preserving invaluable historical documents for generations to come.

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