Pinnacle of Healing: Clark's $618m Veterans' Oasis

El Paso
El PasoImage Source: El Paso Times


Clark Construction Group secures a monumental $618 million project, crafting a state-of-the-art veterans' health center in El Paso, Texas. Spanning 493,000 sq ft on Fort Bliss, this facility promises a spectrum of outpatient services, from primary care to mental health and ambulatory surgery. With a strategic location near the William Beaumont Army Medical Center, Clark's responsibilities encompass utilities, energy plants, access roads, and landscaping, heralding a transformative endeavor for over 54,000 veterans in the El Paso region.


In a watershed moment for veterans' healthcare, Clark Construction Group emerges as the torchbearer of transformation, winning a prestigious $618 million contract from the US Army Corps of Engineers and the Department of Veterans Affairs. The monumental project entails the construction of a cutting-edge veterans' health center in El Paso, Texas, spanning an expansive 493,000 sq ft on the grounds of Fort Bliss.

Designed to be a healthcare oasis, the facility is strategically located near the recently completed William Beaumont Army Medical Center, promising a seamless continuum of care for veterans. The scope of Clark's responsibilities extends far beyond traditional construction, encompassing the installation of utilities, an energy plant, construction of access roads, and meticulous landscaping.

This health center is envisioned as a beacon of healing, offering a comprehensive range of outpatient services. From primary care to mental health support, specialty care, ambulatory surgery, and ancillary services, the facility is poised to cater to the diverse healthcare needs of veterans in the El Paso area.

Michael Brennan, Executive Director of Construction and Facilities Management at the Department of Veterans Affairs, highlights the significance of this construction award. He emphasizes the Department's commitment to improving planning and implementation of design-build projects, ensuring that, upon completion, the Health Care Centre will elevate healthcare accessibility for over 54,000 veterans in the El Paso region.

As Clark Construction Group embarks on this transformative journey, the project not only stands as a testament to their prowess in construction but also as a symbol of national gratitude to those who have served. The convergence of healthcare and architectural excellence paints a picture of a future where veterans receive world-class healthcare within the walls of this monumental health center.


In clinching the monumental project for the El Paso Health Care Centre, Clark Construction Group etches its mark on the landscape of veterans' healthcare. The $618 million investment is not just a financial commitment; it's a promise to provide a holistic healing space for the heroes who have served. As the construction unfolds, the El Paso Health Care Centre stands poised to become a beacon of hope, ushering in a new era where veterans receive the exceptional healthcare they rightfully deserve.

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