Resilient Infrastructure: Cressbrook Dam Renovation

Cressbrook Dam
Cressbrook DamImage Source: Vinci


Seymour Whyte, alongside SMEC, secures a contract to enhance Cressbrook Dam near Brisbane, Australia. The joint project with Toowoomba Regional Council aims to fortify the dam against flooding and bolster its climate resilience. Over two years, the construction will involve road upgrades, spillway widening, filtration system enhancements, crest elevation, and an eco-friendly approach fostering natural fish migration.


Seymour Whyte, operating under VINCI Construction in Australia, in collaboration with engineering firm SMEC, clinched a significant contract to revamp Cressbrook Dam, nestled approximately 100 km from Brisbane in the Toowoomba region. This "alliance" contract model unites the design-build consortium and the client, Toowoomba Regional Council, into a unified team for seamless project execution.

The overarching goal of this project is two-fold: firstly, to bolster the dam's capacity to shield the Toowoomba region from potential flooding, and secondly, to fortify the infrastructure against the challenges posed by a changing climate.

Scheduled to span around two years, the comprehensive construction efforts encompass a series of crucial upgrades. These include enhancements to access roads, widening of the concrete spillway, significant improvements to the dam's filtration system, and elevating the dam's crest height to bolster its protective capabilities.

Notably, Seymour Whyte is poised to implement an extensive environmental initiative. This initiative encompasses the recycling of construction materials for the dam wall and the integration of technical enhancements facilitating natural fish migration—a testament to the consortium's commitment to ecological conservation and sustainability.


The partnership between Seymour Whyte, SMEC, and Toowoomba Regional Council signifies a concerted effort to fortify Cressbrook Dam, elevating its resilience against flooding and climate challenges. Through extensive upgrades and an eco-conscious approach, the project aims to bolster infrastructure while prioritizing environmental conservation.

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