Reviving Ramagrama: Unveiling a Sacred Sanctuary

The Peace Meadow
The Peace MeadowImage Source: Stefano Boeri


Italian architect Stefano Boeri unveils a visionary design for the Ramagrama Stupa in Nepal, enriching the Buddhist pilgrimage site. The plan includes a central meadow and a Biodiversity Ring Garden featuring 80,000 plants from Buddha's birthplace. Respecting UNESCO standards, the development echoes Kenzo Tange's work and aims to create a serene center for prayer and meditation.


The unveiling of a new design by Stefano Boeri Architetti marks a pivotal step in the rejuvenation and preservation of the Ramagrama Stupa, an esteemed Buddhist pilgrimage site and archaeological treasure in western Nepal. Nestled along the Jharahi River, this site boasts a historical hill and a revered tree under which rests an intact portion of Buddha's relics.

Crafted by Italian architect Stefano Boeri, the design comprises a sprawling central meadow, spanning 600 meters in diameter. Encircling this, a ring delineates spaces dedicated to culture, prayer, and meditation, adorned with a Biodiversity Ring Garden.

The Biodiversity Ring Garden, sloping gently, nurtures 80,000 plants representing 70 diverse species indigenous to the Terai plain, Buddha's birthplace. Culminating in a raised circular pathway sheltered by trees, it offers panoramic views of the Ramagrama Stupa, inviting monks and visitors to engage with its serene aura regardless of the season.

Crucially, the new facilities maintain a respectful distance from the archaeological remains, ensuring accessibility for potential future research endeavors while safeguarding the site's sanctity.

Every building within the project will be constructed using locally sourced materials, honoring the regional heritage and contributing to sustainable development.

The project aligns with UNESCO's stringent standards, with the Ramagrama Stupa listed in UNESCO's World Heritage Tentative List since 1996. Echoing the legacy of Kenzo Tange's Lumbini Museum masterplan from 1978, this development pays homage to architectural traditions while forging a new path toward spiritual sanctity.

Stefano Boeri emphasized, "This project is an incredible challenge: to create a haven for prayer, meditation, and peace in one of Buddhism's holiest sites. Embracing the profound symbolism of Buddhist scriptures, we propose the expansive Biodiversity Garden Ring, enveloping the Ramagrama Stupa, offering diverse plant life."

He further noted, "The Peace Meadow serves as a tranquil space for thousands of monks, pilgrims, and visitors, fostering introspection near the Bodhi Tree and the Stupa."


The proposed rejuvenation of Ramagrama Stupa through Stefano Boeri's visionary design aims to honor Buddhist traditions while integrating sustainable elements. The innovative plan, merging biodiversity with spiritual sanctity, promises to transform the site into a serene hub for reflection and peace.

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