Seoul Twin Eye: Pinnacle of Innovation

Seoul Twin Eye
Seoul Twin Eye Image Source: UN Studio


An international collaboration of architects from UNStudio, engineers from Arup, and South Korean firm Heerim Architects has unveiled groundbreaking plans for the "Seoul Twin Eye," set to become the world's tallest spokeless ferris wheel in Seoul, South Korea. With a diameter of 180m, two intersecting rings, and 64 capsules each accommodating 25 riders, the structure promises a mesmerizing experience for 1,400 thrill-seekers simultaneously. Inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an astronomical clock, the design harmoniously blends cutting-edge technology with a timeless appreciation for stability and beauty. The spokeless wonder is scheduled for completion in 2028.


*Revolutionizing Skyline Heights:*

In a grand unveiling, an international design consortium comprising UNStudio, Arup, and Heerim Architects has set the stage for a revolutionary addition to Seoul's skyline—the "Seoul Twin Eye." This awe-inspiring spokeless ferris wheel, poised to be the world's tallest, is not merely a feat of engineering but a testament to the boundless ambition for innovation shared by the collaborating nations.

*Design Marvel in the Heart of Seoul:*

The Seoul Twin Eye, with an impressive diameter of 180m, will grace the roof of a 40m-high mixed-use tower along the Han River, adjacent to the Sangam World Cup Park. The design is not just about towering heights; it's a meticulous fusion of form and function, inspired by the Honcheonsigye, an astronomical clock symbolizing the celestial dance through time.

*Capsules in Symphony:*

With 64 capsules, each capable of carrying 25 individuals, the Seoul Twin Eye transcends traditional ferris wheel experiences. The intersecting rings and revolving tracks create a mesmerizing dance in the sky, promising an unparalleled adventure for 1,400 thrill-seekers simultaneously. In comparison, the London Eye, a global icon, can host a maximum of 800 people.

*Boundless Views from 220m:*

Elevating the experience further, riders on the Seoul Twin Eye will soar to a height of 220m, offering panoramic views across the city. This elevated perspective, combined with the spokeless design, ensures an unobstructed spectacle, allowing riders to absorb the vastness of Seoul's landscape.

*Innovation in Motion:*

Ben van Berkel, the founder of UNStudio, articulates the essence of the project, stating, "Located in the heart of the city, this spokeless design references Korea’s boundless ambition for innovation and spirit of progress, seamlessly blending cutting-edge technology with a timeless appreciation for stability and beauty." The Seoul Twin Eye is not just an amusement ride; it symbolizes the marriage of technology, ambition, and aesthetic grace.

*Construction Journey and Beyond:*

Work on this engineering marvel is slated to commence next year, with an anticipated completion in 2028. As construction begins, the Seoul Twin Eye is set to redefine not only Seoul's skyline but also the global perception of ferris wheel architecture, embodying a harmonious balance between technological advancement and timeless elegance.


The Seoul Twin Eye emerges as an architectural triumph, a symbol of Seoul's commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation. This spokeless wonder not only promises a thrilling ride but also signifies the city's aspiration to seamlessly blend modernity with a profound appreciation for stability and aesthetic excellence.

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