SpectraRevive: Transforming Courtside Elegance



A collaboration between Turner, DA Everett, and Perkins & Will is set to rejuvenate a North Carolina basketball stadium, home to the Charlotte Hornets. The project includes expanding fan spaces, introducing themed destinations, and enhancing premium areas. With 2,500 lower-level seats, revamped bowl seating, and renewed premium spaces, the renovation aims to elevate the spectator experience. Donna Julian, EVP of Hornets Sports & Entertainment, emphasizes the community impact, making Spectrum Centre a premier destination for sports and entertainment in the Carolinas. The overhaul is scheduled for the NBA off-seasons in 2024 and 2025.


*Courtside Renaissance:*

In a collaborative effort, contractors Turner and DA Everett, along with architect Perkins & Will, are set to breathe new life into a North Carolina basketball stadium, the esteemed home of the Charlotte Hornets – the Spectrum Centre. The ambitious renovation project, known as SpectraRevive, aims to redefine the stadium experience and elevate its status as a cultural hub in the Carolinas.

*Enhancing Fan Experience:*

The heart of the renovation lies in expanding spaces for fans. The addition of four themed "destinations" and a reimagined concourse promises to provide a dynamic and immersive environment. The intent is to go beyond the court, creating communal areas that resonate with the diverse interests of the audience.

*Seating Transformation:*

A significant facet of SpectraRevive involves the addition of 2,500 lower-level seats, ensuring a more inclusive and accommodating seating arrangement. The entire bowl seating will undergo a comprehensive replacement, guaranteeing a refreshed and comfortable setting for spectators.

*Premium Spaces Renewed:*

The project doesn't stop at spectator areas; premium spaces like clubs and suites will undergo a renewal, promising a luxurious experience for those seeking an elevated view of the games. The emphasis on premium offerings extends to the food and beverage options, ensuring a diverse and high-quality culinary experience.

*Back-of-House Facilities:*

Recognizing the importance of efficient operations, the renovation extends to back-of-house facilities. These improvements are designed to enhance the overall functionality of the stadium, ensuring seamless behind-the-scenes operations during events.

*Timeline and Execution:*

To minimize disruption, the renovation is strategically scheduled during the NBA off-seasons, taking place between May and September in both 2024 and 2025. This phased approach allows for meticulous planning and execution, ensuring a seamless transition between the existing and rejuvenated Spectrum Centre.

*Community Impact and Vision:*

Donna Julian, the Executive Vice President of Hornets Sports & Entertainment, emphasizes the broader impact of the renovation. Spectrum Centre is not just a sports arena; it's a vital community asset. SpectraRevive aligns with a vision that goes beyond sports, positioning the stadium as a catalyst for community engagement and economic impact.


As SpectraRevive takes center stage, the transformation of Spectrum Centre into a cutting-edge and community-centric sports and entertainment hub unfolds. The collaboration between Turner, DA Everett, and Perkins & Will exemplifies a commitment to redefining the stadium experience. By seamlessly blending aesthetics, functionality, and community impact, SpectraRevive emerges as a testament to the evolution of sports venues into multifaceted cultural destinations.

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