Studio Gang's Theatrical Marvel: Garrison, New York

Garrison, New York
Garrison, New York Image Source: Studio Gang


Studio Gang unveils a visionary theatre campus in Garrison, New York, featuring a groundbreaking open-air theatre surrounded by pavilions. The design integrates actors, audiences, and back-of-house spaces, expanding the performance season. This LEED Platinum project fosters interaction between nature and art, curating an immersive experience amidst the Hudson Valley landscape.



In Garrison, New York, Studio Gang, an American architectural firm, has unleashed an innovative design for the Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival. The focal point? A sprawling 13,850 sq ft open-air theatre encircled by pavilions, uniting performers, spectators, and backstage elements within a single canopy. This groundbreaking development extends the festival's seasonal reach while embracing the enchanting Hudson Valley.

The theatre's structural marvel comprises a curved timber-framed grid shell adorned with timber columns, boasting a tiered proscenium arch to frame panoramic views of the Hudson River, Breakneck Ridge, and Storm King Mountain. This architectural symphony harmonizes art with nature's breathtaking canvas.

Visitors are welcomed through a picturesque hillside meadow, guiding them toward expansive picnic lawns and a plaza that seamlessly interconnects the theatre with its environs. This intentional design encapsulates a holistic theatrical experience, intertwining performances with nature's embrace.

Not just a theatrical extravaganza, but a harmonious coalescence with nature, the 98-acre site will also house a campfire circle and an outdoor gathering space adjacent to the main theatre. The conscious effort to foster interaction between art and nature extends beyond performances, inviting visitors to immerse themselves in the surrounding landscape.

Studio Gang's commitment to sustainability and functionality manifests through the project's LEED Platinum certification aspirations. The architectural endeavor aims not only to captivate audiences but also to set a benchmark in green architecture, championing a low-carbon footprint and ecological consciousness.

Construction is slated to commence the following year, promising an artistic spectacle that harmonizes nature, art, and functionality.


Studio Gang's architectural brilliance intertwines art and nature, promising a theatrical experience amidst Hudson Valley's picturesque landscape.

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