Sustainable Marvels in UAE

Foster + Partners, entrenched in the United Arab Emirates for nearly two decades, showcases its sustainable architectural prowess.
UAEImage Source: Foster + Partners


Foster + Partners, entrenched in the United Arab Emirates for nearly two decades, showcases its sustainable architectural prowess. Highlighting projects like Alif, The Masdar Institute, and ICD Brookfield Place, the firm has curated environmentally responsive designs that seamlessly blend with the region’s climate and ethos.



Foster + Partners has woven a legacy of sustainable architectural marvels within the United Arab Emirates (UAE) over its near two-decade tenure. Beginning with The Index in Dubai, their journey has seen remarkable milestones in crafting iconic structures harmonizing with the UAE’s culture and environment.

The architectural narrative unfurls with notable landmarks such as The Masdar Institute, powered entirely by renewable solar energy, symbolizing a sustainable educational focal point. Embracing innovation, the Apple Dubai Mall reinterprets traditional Arabic design elements, introducing ‘Solar Wings’ that elegantly shade the external terrace.

Amidst the roster of sustainable projects stands Alif – The Mobility Pavilion, a distinguished structure from Expo 2020 Dubai. Its curved form, inspired by motion, clad in reflective stainless steel, mirrors chrome fenders and aircraft wings. Designed to LEED Gold standards, the pavilion’s self-shading attributes and solar panels echo its eco-conscious design.

Emphasizing adaptability beyond its exhibition, the pavilion’s tri-foil plan facilitates post-Expo modifications, envisaging future utilities. Gerard Evenden, Head of Studio, underscores its legacy and sustainability, envisaging structures' extended lifecycles for environmental harmony.

The Masdar Institute emerges as a pivotal educational cornerstone, pioneering renewable energy usage in Masdar City. Its holistic design incorporates passive and active environmental strategies, harnessing solar energy and employing cooling mechanisms inspired by traditional wind towers.

ICD Brookfield Place, nestled within the Dubai International Financial Centre, stands tall as a LEED Platinum-rated development. A testament to innovative design, it houses world-class workspaces while fostering a vibrant community-centric environment with its expansive summer garden.

Chris Trott, Head of Sustainability at Foster + Partners, echoes the firm’s commitment to sustainability. The Summer Garden, an emblematic space within ICD Brookfield Place, hosted the ‘Change-Makers Hub’ during COP28, emphasizing a transformative approach to sustainable practices.



Foster + Partners’ relentless pursuit of sustainable architecture in the UAE symbolizes an enduring commitment to blend innovation with environmental consciousness. Each project stands as a testament to their visionary approach, seamlessly integrating design and sustainability for a greener future.

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