Verdant Ascent: MVRDV's Towering Tapestry in Chengdu

MVRDVImage Source: MVRDV


Dutch architect MVRDV clinches victory in a competition to craft two iconic structures for Tianfu Software Park in Chengdu, China. The masterpiece includes a 150m-tall office tower, boasting floorplate efficiency and panoramic mountain views. An innovative atrium, functioning as a natural climate system adorned with cascading greenery, graces one corner. Complementing this marvel is a four-story cultural center, featuring a sloped exterior, housing an art museum, conference hall, and library. MVRDV's co-founder, Winy Maas, underscores the pivotal role of atriums in creating sustainable, vibrant spaces.


In a triumph of architectural ingenuity, Dutch powerhouse MVRDV secures the helm in designing the pinnacle of Tianfu Software Park's skyline in Chengdu, central China. This victory heralds the creation of a 150m-tall office tower, poised to be the development's centerpiece, and a four-story cultural center, each a testament to MVRDV's visionary prowess.

The office tower stands as an architectural ode to efficiency and aesthetics, with a design meticulously crafted to optimize floorplate utility and embrace panoramic views of the eastern mountains. A distinctive feature is the full-height atrium nestled in one corner, not just a visual spectacle but a functional marvel serving as a climate and ventilation system. This verdant sanctuary, adorned with cascading greenery, seamlessly integrates with a shopping podium enclosed by a mesh façade.

Complementing the tower's vertical elegance is the cultural center, a four-story spectacle featuring an art museum, conference hall, and library/exhibition space. The exterior, gracefully sloped, invites visitors to ascend to its green roof, providing access to a terraced interior. Here, MVRDV transforms functionality into an art form, creating spaces that are both sustainable and socially engaging.

Winy Maas, MVRDV's co-founder, elucidates the profound role of atriums in their designs, acting as the connective thread weaving greenery from bottom to top, providing shading and ventilation, and ultimately transforming these structures into dynamic and inviting spaces.

Set against the backdrop of Chengdu's High-tech Industrial Development Zone, Tianfu Software Park emerges as a technological haven in four phases. These latest architectural marvels by MVRDV stand as a testament to innovation, seamlessly integrating nature, functionality, and aesthetics.


As MVRDV's designs breathe life into Tianfu Software Park, Chengdu prepares to embrace a new chapter in architectural brilliance. The tower's towering elegance and the cultural center's cascading grace symbolize a harmonious fusion of sustainability and social dynamism. In crafting structures that transcend conventional boundaries, MVRDV cements its legacy in Chengdu's skyline, creating not just buildings but living, breathing testaments to the marriage of form and function.

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