VerdeVoyage: Bengaluru's Eco-Airport Marvel

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Chicago architect SOM unveils the "terminal in a garden" at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. Terminal 2's 255,000 sq m design, featuring a 90m-wide forest belt and bamboo pavilions, boosts capacity by 25 million passengers. The eco-friendly terminal, pre-certified as platinum by the US Green Building Council, integrates sustainable practices and local materials. Landscape architect Grant Associates creates a network of bridges and pathways for a seamless passenger experience. While open, a 123,000 sq m transit hub is underway, solidifying Bengaluru's commitment to redefining airport design and environmental responsibility.


*Bengaluru's Eco-Airport Marvel:*

In a groundbreaking revelation, Chicago-based architect SOM introduces a revolutionary "terminal in a garden" at Kempegowda International Airport in Bengaluru. Terminal 2, spanning an impressive 255,000 sq m, stands as a testament to innovative airport design and sustainable practices, promising a unique and eco-conscious passenger experience.

*Nature's Embrace:*

Terminal 2's defining feature is a 90m-wide forest belt, adorned with indigenous plants and multi-level bamboo pavilions, seamlessly blending nature with infrastructure. This design pays homage to Bengaluru's renowned "garden city" moniker, offering travelers a tranquil and visually stunning passage from check-in to the gates.

*Sustainable Capacity Expansion:*

Beyond its aesthetic appeal, Terminal 2 serves a practical purpose, increasing the airport's capacity by a significant 25 million passengers. A network of bridges and outdoor pathways, envisioned by landscape architect Grant Associates, facilitates effortless navigation for passengers between security and their planes.

*Green Certification Milestone:*

Notably, Terminal 2 achieves a remarkable milestone as the largest terminal globally to be pre-certified as platinum by the US Green Building Council. This recognition underscores Bengaluru's commitment to sustainable architecture and environmentally responsible construction practices.

*Engineering Excellence:*

Preetam Biswas, SOM's structural engineering principal, emphasizes the focus on reducing embodied carbon and maximizing the use of locally sourced materials. The engineering principles align with the Indian government's 'Make in India' policy, positioning Terminal 2 as a beacon of sustainable and locally conscious construction.

*A Visionary Passenger Experience:*

Peter Lefkovits, SOM's design principal, envisions Terminal 2 as a standout among global airports. The meticulous orchestration of natural and man-made components creates a passenger experience that transcends conventional airport design. Terminal 2, or VerdeVoyage, as it could be fondly called, sets a precedent for the future of airport architecture.

*Transit Hub on the Horizon:*

While Terminal 2 is already operational, the journey towards excellence continues with the pending completion of a 123,000 sq m transit hub. This additional phase solidifies Bengaluru's commitment to continuous innovation, making Kempegowda International Airport a dynamic hub that redefines the intersection of nature and modern travel.


In the heart of Bengaluru, Kempegowda International Airport's Terminal 2 emerges not just as an architectural marvel but as a sustainable beacon. VerdeVoyage encapsulates the harmonious coexistence of nature and infrastructure, redefining the airport experience. Bengaluru's commitment to environmental responsibility, local sourcing, and innovative design positions it at the forefront of global aviation evolution.

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