Vermont Transit Vision: AECOM's Pioneering Journey

Vermont Transit Corridor
Vermont Transit CorridorImage Source: Metro


AECOM, in collaboration with local firms, lands the Vermont Transit Corridor study, targeting a robust transit overhaul along LA's bustling Vermont Avenue. With a focus on improving bus and rail systems, their venture aims for equitable, community-focused solutions to enhance mobility access. This strategic initiative intends to transform transit services, offering faster, more reliable options while fostering social and environmental improvements.



In a significant stride towards revolutionizing transit in Los Angeles, AECOM, a global infrastructure consulting firm, has garnered the Vermont Transit Corridor Planning and Environmental Study project from the Los Angeles County Transportation Authority (LA Metro). This project, entrusted to the Vermont Corridor Partners (VCP), led by AECOM in conjunction with Terry A. Hayes Associates Inc. (TAHA) and RAW International, Inc., aims to revamp the bustling Vermont Avenue. The corridor, stretching from Hollywood Boulevard to 120th Street, holds a pivotal position in LA Metro's transit network, emphasizing the need for extensive bus rapid transit (BRT) and rail enhancements.

Matt Crane, the chief executive of AECOM’s U.S. West region, underlines the project's significance, emphasizing the potential to uplift transit efficiency along one of LA's busiest corridors. With a comprehensive plan encompassing multiple phases, the project targets short-term improvements in bus services, mid-term goals of a 12.4-mile BRT upgrade, and long-term aspirations for rail development. Expected outcomes include amplified transit speeds, reduced crowding, enhanced punctuality, and improved interconnectivity with other Metro lines.

Mark Southwell, AECOM’s global Transportation business chief, expresses pride in the venture's expertise and global success in delivering transformative transit projects. The joint venture, adept in environmental studies, equity programming, and cutting-edge design, is committed to addressing complex challenges in LA's transit landscape. With a focus on environmental sustainability and inclusivity, the project aims to bring forth a transformative change in LA's transit infrastructure.

The collaboration between AECOM, TAHA, and RAW underscores a successful track record in delivering key Metro projects. Their collective experience, evident in projects like the Regional Connector Transit Corridor and the Sepulveda Transit Corridor, ensures a robust foundation for the Vermont Transit Corridor project.


AECOM's partnership in the Vermont Transit Corridor project showcases their commitment to revolutionizing transit systems. Through innovative design, environmental awareness, and community-centric planning, the venture is poised to transform LA's transit landscape for enhanced accessibility, efficiency, and sustainability. This joint endeavor underscores the critical role of collaboration in crafting transformative solutions for urban mobility challenges.

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