Vermont Velocity: Aecom's Transit Odyssey

Vermont Velocity
Vermont VelocityImage Source: Oreaco


LA Metro entrusts Aecom-led collaboration to explore a bus rapid transit system on Vermont Avenue, a notorious traffic hotspot in Los Angeles. The initial phase targets enhancing bus capacity across a 12.4-mile stretch, envisioning dedicated lanes for modern buses. Aecom, alongside Terry A. Hayes Associates and RAW International, will conduct planning, environmental studies, and design for the bus system. The long-term vision contemplates a potential rail conversion, making this transformative project a linchpin in LA Metro's future.



In the bustling urban sprawl of Los Angeles, where traffic veins pulse with life, a transformative initiative takes center stage as LA Metro, the city's transit authority, partners with Aecom to envision the future of transit along Vermont Avenue. This iconic thoroughfare, notorious for its congestion, is set to undergo a metamorphosis as plans unfold for a bus rapid transit system, breathing new life into the city's transportation landscape.

The immediate objective spans a 12.4-mile stretch from Hollywood Boulevard in the north to 120th Street in the south. The plan entails the creation of dedicated bus lanes, heralding a new era of efficiency for modern, articulated buses, colloquially termed "trains on rubber tires." This tactical move aims to alleviate congestion and enhance the overall capacity of the bus network, addressing the immediate needs of commuters navigating the bustling Vermont Avenue.

The visionary collaboration, spearheaded by Aecom and joined by Terry A. Hayes Associates and RAW International, extends beyond immediate relief. This joint venture is entrusted with the Vermont Corridor planning and environmental study, a comprehensive exploration of the future transit landscape. The meticulous design of the bus system, coupled with securing state environmental clearance for both bus and potential future rail systems, underscores the holistic approach taken in reshaping Vermont Avenue.

Matt Crane, CEO of Aecom's western US region, emphasizes the critical nature of this transformation along the Vermont corridor. It goes beyond a mere transit upgrade; it represents a pivotal project on LA Metro's horizon, poised to redefine how Angelinos traverse their city. The moniker "trains on rubber tires" hints at the innovative spirit underlying this transit evolution, providing a glimpse into the potential efficiency and agility that the bus rapid transit system promises.

Looking ahead, the project's long-term vision contemplates a potential conversion to a rail-based system along the corridor, either at or below grade. This strategic foresight positions the Vermont Avenue initiative as a catalyst for future rail integration, aligning with the dynamic needs of a growing and evolving city.


As Aecom leads the charge in redefining LA's transit narrative, the Vermont Velocity project emerges not just as a solution to current congestion but as a blueprint for the city's transportation future. The collaboration's commitment to meticulous planning, environmental considerations, and the potential rail conversion highlights a holistic approach. Vermont Avenue, once synonymous with traffic woes, now becomes a canvas for innovation, transforming into a corridor where efficiency, sustainability, and transit evolution converge.

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