Victoria: Alstom's Decade-Long Rail Prowess

VictoriaImage Source: Alstom


Alstom secures a €900 million contract to maintain Victoria, Australia's VLocity and Classic train fleet for a decade. With over 300 existing jobs supported and new local opportunities, Alstom pledges enhanced reliability, significant fuel savings, and a novel fleet control center. The contract emphasizes local labor and suppliers, showcasing Alstom's commitment to bolstering Victoria's rail industry.



Alstom, a renowned advocate of smart and sustainable mobility, clinches a substantial contract valued at approximately €900 million to sustain Victoria, Australia's regional rolling stock—the VLocity and Classic fleets—for the upcoming decade. This monumental contract encompasses the maintenance of VLocity trains, built by Alstom in Melbourne since 2003, alongside the Classic fleet at various sites across Victoria.

The announcement secures over 300 jobs currently dedicated to servicing the train fleets across Victoria, with a commitment to generating additional employment opportunities in the local rail sector throughout the contract tenure. Pascal Dupond, Alstom’s Managing Director for Australia and New Zealand, expressed gratitude for the trust bestowed upon Alstom by the Victorian Government in continuing their partnership.

Notably, this contract bears testament to Alstom's dedication to the local economy, with a substantial portion—98% of labor—hailing from Victoria to service the VLocity and Classic fleets. Furthermore, the maintenance materials will predominantly stem from local suppliers, marking a 69% contribution from Victorian sources. Alstom also pledges a 6% expenditure with 40 local social benefit suppliers throughout the contract's lifespan.

Alstom's commitment transcends maintenance; they plan to establish a cutting-edge fleet control center in South Dynon, mirroring the UK Voyager Control Centre, to elevate fleet reliability and availability. Collaborating with local suppliers across Victoria for parts, overhauls, repairs, and preventive maintenance is poised to substantially impact Victoria's rail supply chain.

Introducing advanced predictive maintenance technology, Alstom aims to curtail fuel expenses and carbon emissions from the VLocity and Classic Fleet, aligning with sustainable practices. Pascal Dupond affirmed that Alstom's expertise would ensure the continued brilliance of the VLocity and Classic fleet, serving Victoria's regions across this decade and beyond.


Alstom's significant €900 million contract to maintain Victoria's VLocity and Classic train fleets reaffirms their commitment to fostering local employment, leveraging innovative technologies, and sustaining excellence in regional rail services. The agreement promises enhanced efficiency, sustainability, and continued top-notch service delivery, ensuring these fleets shine brightly while serving Victoria's regions for years to come.

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