Frontier Applied Sciences to Transform US Coal Industry
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Frontier Applied Sciences to Transform US Coal Industry

Frontier Applied Sciences has received independent validation of its proprietary and disruptive technology and is preparing for

Frontier Applied Sciences has received independent validation of its proprietary and disruptive technology and is preparing for commercialization to affect the North American coal, oil and steel industries. This represents a major win for the environment and communities to provide an abundant and affordable supply of energy and clean carbon products.

Frontier Applied Sciences Inc has developed and now validated via third-party engineering its proprietary disruptive technology called FASform. FAS has in effect introduced a new energy recovery category, "Solid Carbon Fractionation". After more than 10 years of private engineering innovation and development, the company has been granted patents on 5 continents that cover more than 3.3 billion people in 9 countries including the United States and Canada.

FASform is a continuous phase process that uses heat and pressure to reform, refine and liberate the constituents of solid carbonaceous materials that contain volatile compounds. This solid refining process is a major innovation that will likely transform how coal, lignite, oil sands and waste plastics are used and valued. The process is essentially the next innovation of "refining". Refining of crude oil by industry is a mature technology, as is gas processing of raw gas. However, this is the first time, which is reflected in the detailed patents, that a continuous phase refining process for coal and other solids has been developed.

This process is radically different than historical coal-to-liquids, gasification and other expensive, unscalable and environmentally unfriendly processes. FASform separates out the components producing segregated gas streams such as hydrogen and propane as well as other liquid products such as naphtha, jet fuel and diesel. In addition, Fasform produces a high-value solid carbon superior to current metallurgical coke since it is moisture free, devoid of volatiles and nearly sulfur-free. This process is environmentally friendly and produces no waste products and actually is a net producer of water. This presents a significant opportunity for US steel makers who have been impaired by restrictive sulfur emissions thresholds as well as for coal plants seeking to significantly improve environmental footprints.

For the US Coal industry, this is a major innovation as coal now can be a source for multiple products to serve industry and produce cheaper power and energy while "cleaning up" nearly every aspect of coal. FASform removes nearly all sulfur, mercury and arsenic as well as the moisture, which upgrades the thermal value of the final carbon product that FAS calls FASCarbon. This concentrated carbon product will save significant shipping costs for thermal users which has been a competitive barrier to natural gas. This will drive down the carbon footprint while allowing a significant reduction in CO2 emissions. Moreover, waste plastics can be co-fed rather than ending up in landfills and can be converted fully to oil products.

FAS foresees a day when, once mined, coal would be processed using FASform before it is used as either thermal fuel for power generation or metallurgical purposes. A key driver will be increased profitability and not be solely reliant upon environmental benefits.

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