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Aderis Acuity™ Edge Platform
Aderis Acuity™ Edge PlatformImage Source: Aderis

Aderis Energy unveils groundbreaking upgrades to its Aderis Acuity™ Edge Platform, enhancing reporting accessibility, user control, and seamless integration via no-code APIs. These updates simplify data access for troubleshooting, analysis, and third-party usage, elevating renewable energy and microgrid management to unprecedented levels of reliability and accessibility.



Aderis Energy, a trailblazer in renewable energy solutions, proudly presents a series of transformative upgrades to its flagship Aderis Acuity™ Edge Platform. These enhancements revolutionize reporting access, user management, and integration with no-code APIs and automatic updates. These strides remove technical barriers, ushering in a new era of accessibility and reliability for renewables and microgrids.

The upgraded Aderis Acuity™ Edge Platform introduces enhanced reporting features, simplifying access to high-quality data crucial for troubleshooting and informed business decisions. Acuity now facilitates seamless report creation, generating CSV datasets for spreadsheet or database applications using time series or daily rollup KPIs. Users gain control to manage, restrict editing, make reports public for subscription, schedule multiple deliveries, and publish reports to external email addresses independently of Acuity users.

This advancement particularly benefits third-party engineers, off-takers, and SREC agencies requiring regular data access without direct Acuity system entry.

Reports now possess the capacity for consumption by external systems through an intuitive no-code API. Any Acuity user can effortlessly create, manage permissions, and enable secure external API access without coding knowledge. Supporting universal RESTful JSON web API access, this feature enables seamless integration into diverse business systems.

To ensure continuous access to cutting-edge security and features, Aderis Acuity™ now supports automatic and on-demand updates.

Colton Ward, Technical Sales Executive of Aderis Energy, emphasized their commitment to innovation, marking these enhancements as a milestone in Acuity's evolution. These updates don't merely introduce new features but elevate the Acuity experience, offering clients a transformational edge in the renewable energy sector.

Aderis Energy aims to be more than a monitoring solution. It aspires to be a true partner, supporting customers in achieving sustainability goals and maximizing the potential of their renewable energy systems.

Aderis Energy's relentless pursuit of innovation amplifies the capabilities of the Aderis Acuity™ Edge Platform, establishing a new standard in managing renewable energy systems. With enhanced reporting, user control, and seamless integration, Acuity serves as a pivotal ally, empowering users to optimize and advance their renewable energy aspirations.

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