Air Liquide & Porthos: CO₂ Ambitions

PorthosImage Source: Port of Rotterdam


Air Liquide plans to construct a CO₂ capture facility at Rotterdam's port, employing CryocapTM technology. This facility aims to extract CO₂ from the hydrogen plant, feeding it into Porthos infrastructure for permanent storage in depleted North Sea gas fields. Operational by 2026, this initiative signifies a step toward environmental stewardship in CO₂ reduction.



Air Liquide has unveiled its intention to erect a cutting-edge CO₂ capture facility within Rotterdam's port precinct. Leveraging CryocapTM technology, this facility intends to extricate CO₂ from the existing hydrogen plant.

The method utilizes a cryogenic process for CO₂ capture. The captured CO₂ will undergo transportation via the Porthos infrastructure, facilitating its permanent storage in depleted gas fields beneath the North Sea seabed. The slated operational commencement of the CO₂ capture facility is earmarked for 2026.

This milestone initiative marks a concerted effort by Air Liquide to proactively engage in carbon footprint reduction. By capturing CO₂ emissions from their hydrogen plant, the company's forward-thinking strategy aligns with global sustainability goals.

The utilization of CryocapTM underscores the company's commitment to deploying cutting-edge technological solutions in its pursuit of carbon capture and reduction initiatives. The subsequent transfer and storage of captured CO₂ via the Porthos infrastructure further cement Air Liquide's dedication to environmental stewardship.

This move resonates with the ongoing industry-wide shift towards sustainable practices and decarbonization. By channeling captured CO₂ into long-term storage, Air Liquide substantiates its commitment to combating greenhouse gas emissions effectively.


Air Liquide's collaboration with Porthos in the establishment of a CO₂ capture facility signifies a pivotal step in bolstering environmental efforts. This strategic move underscores the company's dedication to mitigating carbon emissions, contributing significantly to the global pursuit of sustainable practices.

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