Baltic Breeze: Vestas Unveils Offshore Wind Expansion in Poland

VestasImage Source: Vestas


Renewable energy leader Vestas aims to bolster Europe's offshore wind capacity by establishing a blade factory in Szczecin, Poland. Set to commence operations in 2026, the facility will produce blades for Vestas' flagship offshore turbine, the V236-15.0 MW, generating over 1,000 direct jobs. With plans for an additional assembly factory for nacelles in Szczecin, Vestas anticipates a total of more than 1,700 direct jobs by 2026, contributing to Poland's emergence as an offshore wind hub in the Baltic Region.


In a strategic move to solidify its position as a frontrunner in the offshore wind sector, Vestas, a global leader in sustainable energy solutions, announces plans to establish a cutting-edge blade factory in Szczecin, Poland. This expansion aligns with Vestas' commitment to support Europe's ambitious offshore wind projects, particularly as the continent accelerates the development of wind parks.

The proposed factory, slated to begin operations in 2026, will focus on manufacturing blades for Vestas' state-of-the-art offshore wind turbine, the V236-15.0 MW. This turbine, known for its high efficiency and advanced technology, is poised to play a pivotal role in meeting the escalating demand for clean and sustainable energy solutions across Europe.

The initiative is expected to create more than 1,000 direct jobs, contributing to economic growth in the region. This follows Vestas' earlier announcement regarding plans for an assembly factory for offshore nacelles in Szczecin, adding an anticipated 700 direct jobs and bringing the total to over 1,700 by 2026.

Tommy Rahbek Nielsen, Vestas COO, emphasizes the company's dedication to fostering a sustainable supply chain in Europe to meet the burgeoning demand for offshore wind. He underlines the significance of long-term policy commitments for offshore wind projects in driving industry investments and creating green jobs.

Nils de Baar, President of Vestas Northern & Central Europe, highlights Poland's transformation in the energy sector and its potential as a thriving wind energy market. With excellent wind conditions both onshore and offshore, Poland is well-positioned to become an offshore hub for the Baltic Region and beyond.

The chosen site for the new offshore blade factory, located in northern Szczecin, was acquired by Vestas in February 2023. This site proximity to the planned nacelle assembly factory on Ostrów Brdowski Island enhances operational efficiency and synergy between the two facilities.

By strategically expanding its manufacturing footprint in Poland, Vestas aims to support Europe's growing demand for offshore wind while creating green jobs and contributing to the region's economic development. With the addition of the new factories, Vestas is expected to employ over 2,500 people in Poland, reinforcing its commitment to sustainable energy solutions.


Vestas' visionary plans to establish offshore wind manufacturing facilities in Szczecin mark a significant step toward enhancing Europe's renewable energy capacity. The creation of over 1,700 direct jobs by 2026 underscores Vestas' commitment to both economic growth and the green energy transition. As Poland emerges as a key player in the offshore wind sector, Vestas' strategic investments position the country at the forefront of sustainable wind energy solutions.

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